Have you been hit by a Google penalty?

Using white-hat techniques that are approved, tried, and tested, Clickmatix helps clients recover from a Google penalisation when they’ve been hit hard. A drop in rankings can be a huge hit on your ROI and website traffic, and we allow you to keep that traction firm in your grips through careful, strategic techniques. Our Google penalty experts will put you back in the spotlight.

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    Safeguard your website

    Secure your website’s traction on Google for the long-term. Stop drops in rankings and maintain your traffic.

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    100% manual process

    We don’t automate our penalty removal process. Using our own hands and intelligence, we put our experts to action – no cookie-cutter approach involved.

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    Full transparency report

    Our reporting is formed on transparency and accountability. Know the numbers you’re seeing are 100% accurate and reflective of your campaign.

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Our Google Penalty Removal Process

Receiving a Google penalty can significantly impact your search engine rankings and traffic. Therefore, it’s important to address the issue at the earliest to avoid further damage to your website. The process of recovering from the Google penalty can be complex and complicated. But don’t worry! Our SEO agency in Melbourne can help you here. Clickmatix has a team of SEO experts who have years of experience and knowledge in identifying the cause of the penalty and implementing a plan to fix it.

Identify the cause of the penalty

The first step is to determine why your website received the penalty. Some of the most common reasons could be spammy links, duplicate content, or overused keywords.

Create a plan to fix the issue

After identifying the cause, our SEO experts will create a plan to address the issue and remove the penalty. This may involve removing spammy links, creating unique content, or adjusting the website's keyword usage.

Implement the plan

Once the plan is in place, we will implement the necessary changes to your website. This may involve reaching out to webmasters to remove links or making changes to your website's content.

Monitor progress

Our SEO experts will monitor the progress of the penalty removal process to ensure success. They will also keep you updated on the progress and any changes required.

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