Bridge the Gap Between Your Accounting Firm and Potential Clients with SEO

Back in the day, accounting clients would search for the firms through directories or newspaper ads. Today, they will turn to Google to find and contact reputed firms. It’s every accountant’s dream to rank first on Google and even appear in the first few results of their prospects’ search. However, it is not as easy as it sounds.

The accounting industry is a highly competitive sector. And there are roughly 276,500 accountants in Australia alone. Each one is trying to shine on Google. This is where SEO gives you an edge. SEO ensures your firm shows up at the top of Google search rankings and also stands out from the crowd.


Reach Those Looking for You

Your clients are already online, and you should be too. SEO boosts your online presence and visibility in SERPs (search engine results pages). Moreover, it trims your audience down to potential customers who are more likely to hire your services.


Build Credibility

Your clients want to know they can trust you. By applying SEO strategies like writing a blog or showing the case studies of your previous clients, you can deliver the credible answers that your clients are looking for.


Get Measurable Results

SEO comes with various tools and metrics, helping you spot whether your marketing strategies are working or not. It unearths problem areas and makes space for more improvement. Additionally, tracking your performance decreases the chances of wasted resources.


Relish Long Term ROI

SEO puts your website in front of people who need your expertise, meaning all the efforts and resources result in a significant return on investment. Since SEO is a long-term strategy, it builds a stable client base and keeps generating new leads.

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Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase In Keyword Ranking


Increase Referring Domains

Attract More Clients
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Our Clients Generate Hundreds of Enquiries Each Month without Lifting a Finger

Each day people look for help regarding tax, bookkeeping, payroll, and other services. You are surely an expert in guiding people through financial challenges, but you may not know how to reach those people in the first place. We at Clickmatix apply thoughtful, data-driven strategies to help people find your services and give you a call before they get a chance to reach out to your competitors.

Optimise Website, Keywords, and Content

Our team will thoroughly analyse your website to fill the loopholes hindering your website from earning the first slot on Google. Then we move to keywords research and content. We scoop out short-tail and long-tail keywords that your potential clients use in search engines when looking for financial help.

Perform a Competitor Analysis

We study your fiercest competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Specifically, we identify what their accounting websites have that you lack and implement a better strategy to boost your rankings.

Employ Local SEO

There’s nothing like having an accounting firm within walking distance. Local people are the first to stop by once they know about your firm. It just fits their busy lifestyles. Our local SEO strategy enhances your contact page and uses geo-targeted keywords to help your website save the top spot when people search for “accountant near me” or “accounting firm near me”.

Set Up Google My Business Profile

Google My Business Profile is a free business listing by Google. You add your business details like location, products and services, contact info, website URL, operation hours, etc., to list your business location on Google Maps and local search results. It’s like a hub for potential customers to find all your business details in one place.

Tackle Speed and Navigation Issues

We perform a website audit to identify problems slowing down your site. We fix all the elements to increase your website’s loading speed, improve navigation, and make it mobile-friendly. It allows search engine robots to crawl your website and boost its rankings easily.

Monitor Website Performance

We constantly monitor your progress to see if our SEO strategies are working. We use advanced tools to track your monthly performance and make necessary improvements, so your website can bring more results.

Why Shake Hands with Clickmatix to Promote Your Accounting Firm

We measure your success by the bottom line.

Clickmatix specialises in offering dramatic growth and transformation. With calculated strategy embedded in each step of our process, we provide results that go beyond the scope of sales or marketing and project a captivating image of your firm.


Google Partner

Being Certified Google Partner, we have direct contact with Google support. We are the first to get notified of any upcoming changes on the platform and ensure our clients have the upper hand.


Legal Industry Specialists

Our team has previously worked with accountants and accounting firms, so they have a knack for pinpointing financial opportunities and managing complex marketing needs of the accounting industry.


Customer-Centric approach

Our top priority is to understand your current and ideal clients so we can create marketing plans to attract more similar customers.


Certified Experts

As the fully-certified professionals in the nation, you can trust us to manage the nitty-gritty details of your marketing plans.

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Data Focused

We harness data to identify unique financial opportunities, make informed decisions, and maximise ROI.


Result-Driven Tactics

We build a data-backed marketing strategy that edges out your competitors and gets your phone ringing off the hook.

Why Choose Clickmatix?









How We Help Your Accountant Firm Grow and Thrive?

Our accountant SEO agency lifts a huge burden of bringing customers and turning them into repeating clients off your shoulders.

  • Attract: Our best SEO practices increase your website’s ranking on the organic search engine results page and improve its visibility, attracting a steady flow of traffic.
  • Convert :Our customised SEO focuses on specific searches, taking your website to the leads with the extraordinary potential to convert into highly-paying customers.
  • Close : We lead your customers throughout the journey, from the moment they discover you to considering your service to the final purchase.
  • Delight :After closing the deal, we keep you at the top of your customers’ minds whenever they need your services and turn them into loyal fans.

SEO Services You Will Receive When You Partner with Clickmatix


We check the technical SEO elements of your website to figure out the fixes it needs to get a ranking boost on Google.


Going beyond the website, we take measures like building high-quality backlinks to increase your domain authority.


We optimise different parts of your website, like title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, etc., to further improve your position on search engines.


We analyse and evaluate content to build a solid content strategy that enhances your organic performance and builds trust among your clients.


Once we build a content strategy, our team starts creating content that engages with your potential clients and creates a level of credibility, leading to sales.


Our keyword research and strategy keep all your marketing assets focused on your goals like brand awareness and conversion.


Our competitor analysis helps us spot hidden opportunities we can use to refine strategies for your website.


We don’t keep our clients in the dark. We provide in-depth reports showing the progress and results of our work.


We constantly check your website to fix any issues (if arise) and keep it updated as per the trends and Google Algorithms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We know there's a lot of information out there about Accounting firm marketing, but not all of it is accurate. Let our digital marketing experts guide you through the process with these commonly asked questions.

Doing Business without marketing is like winking in the dark. Only you know what you are doing, not others! Marketing helps get the word out about your experience and services to attract customers.

SEO allows your firm to reach more potential clients—specific targets looking for your accounting services, And SEO ensures they find you first before your competitors.

All our strategies are optimized for the search engines to help your website get off the ground and make its way to higher rankings.

It’s all about offering value and then making an offer. For instance, if you write about one tax strategy that reduces bills (content strategy), chances are readers will come to you to ask if you can do it for them.

We only need 15 minutes of your time. One of our marketing specialists will ask you a few questions, and then we will start, plan, and implement suitable marketing strategies.

Ready to start growing with Clickmatix?

Our experts are on call and ready to guide you through all the marketing strategies.

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