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As one of the most powerful ways to generate more traffic online, PPC advertising gives you the chance to put your brand on the pedestal. Reap the benefits of sitting on top of search engine results pages, all ahead of your biggest competition.

Best of all, you stay in complete control of your allocated budget, only paying for the clicks your ad receives.

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    Increase traffic to your site

    Watch your analytics soar as you collect more clicks than ever before.

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    Generate quality leads

    Gain the attention from those who are truly ready to take action with your brand.

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    Enjoy better ROI

    Get more bang for your buck with campaigns that eliminate budget wastage.

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Experience explosive growth with high-volume keywords.

Access an unsurpassed way to market directly to your biggest target audiences as they search online. Appear right in front of their eyes when they're hunting around for products and services just like yours. Be seen for the highest volume keywords in your industry and position your brand as a leader.

  • Explode your eCommerce sales potential through PPC advertising.
  • Encourage more traffic through to your website.
  • Pay only for clicks received on your ads.
  • Match your budget according to your objectives.

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At the core of every PPC advertising campaign, we work on are the clients we love even more.
Let us show you why we're a trusted leader in cutting-edge PPC management services.

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How PPC campaigns work


Establishing a brief

At the start of your PPC advertising campaign, we'll work with your team to develop and understand clear-cut objectives. Working in line with your budget, we'll determine the best possible approach to your PPC campaign.


Campaign setup

Once the finer details are solidified, your designated Clickmatix PPC expert will get to work to set your PPC campaign up. We'll refine every granular element to ensure your goals are well on track to success.



As your campaign progresses, we'll keep an eye on the ball to make sure everything is tracking how it should be. We'll pinpoint any room for opportunity or improvement, and further, tweak the campaign to suit.



Enjoy frequent insights and reports from our PPC specialists, all of whom are driven by tangible data and results. See how your PPC advertising campaign is producing real results for your brand, and how it's impacting your bottom line.

Trust a team of experts
backed by years of proven results.

Having worked on PPC management services campaigns for businesses from all walks of life, our specialists understand the nature of PPC projects and how to make them turn into unsurpassed success stories. Whether you're a brand looking to kickstart your empire from the ground up, or an established industry player seeking better conversions - Clickmatix offers a suite of PPC services that do just that. We're here to support you in your journey towards explosive brand growth, so let us show you how it's done.

We Make Things Happen

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know there's a lot of information out there about PPC, but not all of it is accurate. Let our PPC experts guide you through the process with these commonly asked questions.

PPC is a paid online advertising strategy. PPC marketing allows your business to place ads across the web and appear in relevant search results.

Depending on your industry, the results you’re looking for and the overall digital assistance that you want, the cost of your PPC management campaign will vary. If you want to know more about the cost of your personalised ad paid-per-click ad marketing campaign, you can call us up for a free consultation.

PPC services allow you to grab the attention of the right type of audience. You can also respond to campaign performance in real-time to maximize performance and ROI.

That’s what we’re here for! Clickmatix - PPC Management agency in Melbourne has worked with several businesses in varied industries and stances in the marketplace. Whether you’re a startup that needs to build their digital presence from scratch, or you’re a well-set corporation that wants to keep their growth consistent, we can help.

Although we recommend all of our clients to be involved throughout the process, it’s not a necessity. We will be updating you on the progress of your PPC marketing campaigns and the audits performed - allowing you to be well-rested throughout the process.

Yes. While setting up paid marketing campaigns for your business, it’s important to be able to track the progress of every digital marketing campaign to realise the truth of its success. Installing a conversion tracker on your website will allow us to perform thorough audits of your search engine marketing strategies.

Yes. At Clickmatix, we believe in keeping the success of our campaign completely transparent with all of our clients. Once the paid marketing campaign has been set up and is up and running for the public, tracking progress and success reports will allow you to gain further insight into how well your campaign is doing.

Yes. For you to be able to host a paid marketing campaign for your business, we will need access to your Google Ads account.

Yes. Clickmatix is an all-service digital marketing agency that can help you gain access to any and every service you could need for a successful digital marketing campaign. Your digital presence is important to us. Whether you’re looking to establish a remarketing campaign or a PPC campaign, we can help.

Google Ads are essentially divided into two categories - the search ad network and the display ad network. The Google Display Network is the network of Google ads that work through visual standards. In the form of videos, photos, and more, advertisements are displayed over a wide range of websites to offer products and services to users.

You can set budgets for every digital marketing campaign you hold. Whether you choose to contact us for a paid marketing campaign, it’s recommended that you build a budget beforehand. Setting a budget allows you to control your expenses and work more effectively towards profits.

Ideally, hire a digital marketing agency like Clickmatix that can help you get the results you need. Our team of the digital marketers is experts in what they do, allowing you to get the best of services and ultimately, ensuring error-free results. If you want to get better results in your PPC campaigns and you want to get them quickly, Clickmatix is one of the best PPC companies in Melbourne, Australia, that can help you.


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