Grow your business using Facebook ads

Using refined strategies and consistent data-backed monitoring, Clickmatix’s team of Facebook ads experts help clients from all industries and niches get more traction on this social media giant. See more engagement from users who are genuinely interested in your brand and reap the rewards of more website traffic and conversions as a result. Best of all, you remain in control of how much you spend and when – it’s all in your hands (and ours).

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    Increase Revenue, Sales & Leads

    Granular targeting allows you to serve your message directly to your audience. The result? A steady stream of leads waiting to be guided further down the funnel.

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    Increase Brand Awareness

    Use visual storytelling to increase brand awareness. By combining a proven facebook ads strategy with influencer marketing, we ensure your brand receives maximum exposure.

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    Steer Traffic to Your Website

    Instantly boost website traffic with our time-tested Facebook marketing strategy. We continuously monitor and modify your campaigns to deliver maximum ROI.


What we manage with your Facebook Ads

Facebook is a powerful platform full of opportunity, but sometimes it takes a team to help make the most of it. Clickmatix bridges this gap, turning campaigns into lead generation machines.

Manage ad spending
Manage ad spend

We manage your campaign with a focus on ROI

Manage ad spending
Build custom audiences

Target the right people at the right time

Manage ad spending
Set up remarketing

Encourage interested users to convert

Manage ad spending
Set up remarketing

We manage your spending with a focus on ROI.

Manage ad spending
Dynamic product ads

Showcase your products natively

Manage ad spending
Pixel implementation

Track users and their behaviour

A Facebook advertising agency with an edge

We know there are other providers out there, but we feel we offer something truly different from the crowd; holistic, supportive and tangible services in Facebook marketing.

  • Feel supported with a dedicated expert by your side
  • Know your brand is safe with an experienced agency
  • Witness highly targeted and tailored campaigns
  • Take control of your budget through a PPC model.

Facebook Advertising Process



At the start of your campaign, we'll work with your team to develop and understand clear-cut objectives. Working in line with your budget, we'll determine the best possible approach to your Facebook Ads campaign.


Competitive Analysis

Once the finer details are solidified, your designated ad expert will get to work to set your campaign up. We'll refine every granular element to ensure your business goals are well on track to success.


Campaign Build

As your Facebook Ads campaign progresses, we'll deliver keep an eye on the ball to make sure everything is tracking how it should be. We'll pinpoint any room for opportunity or improvement, and further, tweak the Facebook ads campaign to suit.



Enjoy insights and reports from our Facebook Ads specialists, all of whom are driven by tangible data and results. See how your Facebook campaign is producing real results for your brand, and how it's impacting your bottom line.

Case Studies

Trust a team of experts
backed by years of proven results.

Having worked on Social Media campaigns for businesses from all walks of life, our specialists understand the nature of Social media marketing projects and how to make them turn into unsurpassed success stories.

Meet your new social advertising team

Google form ads make it incredibly easy for users searching for your business or services on the go on their mobile device to submit their information and get in touch with you.

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We're ready to power up your web traffic, leads and conversions. Are you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know there's a lot of information out there about FaceBook Advertising, but not all of it is accurate. Let our Facebook consultants guide you through the process with these commonly asked questions.

Facebook Pixel is essentially a code that is placed on your business’ website. The code allows you to track conversions, optimize, build target audiences for ads and ultimately allows you to gain insights into results, as well as hold remarketing campaigns.

Facebook is easily known to be one of the most profitable social media marketing platforms. Facebook is known for the higher level of conversions that it can give business users during ad campaigns as well.

To track the progress that you’re making over your Facebook marketing campaign, you need to wait a minimum of 2 weeks for results.

With more than 1 billion active users in a single day, Facebook marketing is easily one of the most reliable forms of digital marketing that you can use for your business.

As Facebook marketing partners ourselves, Clickmatix has been able to build immense conversions and leads for businesses over the digital network of Facebook.

One of the top benefits of working with Facebook for social media marketing campaigns is that the platform allows you to work with both low and high budgets. While setting up our digital marketing campaigns for businesses, we tend to start with a low budget - allowing us to experiment and audit the performance of the ad campaigns.

Starting from $1.00 - $3.50 in a day, we’re able to save on the budget initially, whilst assessing the analytics on varied campaigns. This budget can be expanded later for more impactful results.

Yes. To build marketing campaigns for your business on Facebook, you need a personal account as well as a business manager account. For business marketing campaigns to be built, a Facebook ad account is necessary.

If you don’t have one, we can set it up for you. For more information on how we can help you build your Facebook ad marketing campaigns, contact us for a free consultation.

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