Our small beginnings started with a bigger picture.

Clickmatix started with a passion for highly refined digital marketing techniques that put businesses where they deserve to be - at the very top

Having paved our own path through tried and tested campaigns across search engine marketing, social media, pay-per-click advertising, and careful growth hacking, we leveraged our own skillsets to land us where we are now.

Humbly located in the thriving surrounds of Melbourne, Clickmatix now collaborates with clients from all walks of life, all working towards a common goal to establish newfound success.

  • SEO

    See your brand at the top of Google's search engine results pages, ahead of your competition.

  • PPC

    Dominate prime real estate on Google through PPC and Display Advertising tactics.

  • Social

    Leverage your brand presence to become an unsurpassed influence on your target audience across social marketing.

  • Growth Hacking

    Create long-term success and obtain quality leads with growth hacking strategies that garner authentic, tangible results.

We turn intent into action

Imagine a world where your brand is a powerhouse of warm, quality-driven leads that continue to deliver on your ROI. At Clickmatix, we understand the importance of crafting long-term loyalty with your biggest target audiences, so we work hard to ensure our digital marketing strategies deliver on this objective time and time again.

Comprised of a team of experts spanning the realms of the field far and wide, we've established an unsurpassed suite of services that continue to help our clients reach their KPIs, exceed their goals, and create sustainable visions for the future.

Your journey with Clickmatix

Meet your dedicated
account manager

From the very beginning, you'll be assigned a committed account manager that will ensure all of your digital marketing campaigns run on track and destined to succeed.

clickmatix clickmatix
Collaborate on a clear-cut
campaign brief

Whether you choose to utilise SEO or employ a hard-working SEM campaign for your brand, the second step is always to solidify a roadmap for the journey ahead. During this stage, Clickmatix will get to know your brand values, motives, goals, and core offering to ensure all parties are on the same page from start to finish.

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Watch our experts
in action

From here, we'll get to setting up your campaign, ensuring all the finer details are well-positioned to bring you holistic growth for the future. Be it platform set up, website optimisation or keyword mapping, we'll jump straight into work to start crafting a strategy you'll wish you had employed earlier.

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Witness authentic

This is the exciting part of the journey. Watch your analytics trend upwards and your bottom line grow as our digital marketing experts deliver you tangible ROI across your campaigns. If your brand shifts goals or branches out to new fields, we can also expand your strategy to keep on top of your game.

clickmatix clickmatix

Let's take your brand to new heights

If you have a big idea to become the next big thing in your field, we have the skills to help youi bring it to fruition.


Clickmatix is fuelled by clear-cut strategies that are designed to bring tangible results. We don't believe in cookie-cutter approaches; only tailored, well-rounded campaigns.


Digital marketing techniques are only as good as the data behind it. We bring you the most important data to help you create tangible pathways for the future.


All of our experts remain agile to ensure your strategy is able to do the same. As trends shift, so does your campaign, moving with the times and influencing target audience behaviour.


We deliver - it's as simple as that. Experience working one-on-one with an agency that's backed by tried and tested services, not guesswork.

We Make Things Happen

We're ready to power up your web traffic, leads and conversions. Are you?

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We're always looking for
experts to join us.

Our recipe to success is utilising specialists who are passionate about digital marketing and crafting genuine success. If that's you, we'd love to hear how you'd fit into our family of experts.

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