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1700% Growth in New Users

With competitors lined up on the same stretch, it becomes challenging for online businesses to scale their site performance and attain organic growth. However, with consistency and constant SEO efforts, we helped this client gain a 1700% improvement in organic new sessions!

Defining Success Beyond Metrics

After 3 months of focusing on SEO performance, Space Shuttle Parking’s organic traffic and GMB search history skyrocketed.


Increase in
Organic Sessions


Increased in
New Visitors


Increase in
Organic Goals


Increased in
GMB calls



When auditing the client’s website, we noticed the web pages weren’t optimised as per the targeted keywords. In fact, the entire website required a complete SEO and content optimisation.

  • Upon checking the client’s website, we noticed that the content was not optimised which affected the SEO performance of the site.
  • Apart from the lack of content optimisation, the website’s header, footer, and main menu were unorganised as per the services mentioned.
  • While performing the client’s website audit, we discovered there were several missing service pages.
  • The entire website required necessary on-page and technical SEO optimisation to rank higher on SERP.


After determining, highlighting, and analysing the key challenges, we first wanted to understand which strategy would work best for Space Shuttle Parking and how will it help overcome the ongoing challenges.

  • First, we started working on competitor analysis to understand what more could be added to create a result-driven SEO strategy.
  • Next, we fixed all on-page and technical issues on the website to boost SERP ranking and bring relevant traffic.
  • Apart from implementing a basic SEO strategy, we also focused on GMB optimisation and positing to increase leads.
  • We also decided to install various essential SEO Plugins to boost website performance and get noticed on search engines.
  • We further started to work on content optimisation by adding required content with targeted keywords to rank higher.
  • Our other focus was on integrating high-quality backlinks and building a comprehensive content marketing strategy.

Breaking Down a Winning
Digital Strategy & Implementation


After understanding the challenges and concerns, we decided to perform competitor analysis, and fix on-page and technical issues.


Next, we focused on optimising the website content and started with GMB optimisation as well as posting to increase the SERP ranking and lead generation.


We also integrated essential SEO Plugins and high-quality backlinks on the site.



  • 1865% increase in organic sessions
  • 1701% increase in organic new users
  • 700% increase in organic goals
  • 70% increase in GMB calls

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