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Billions of searches are conducted on Google monthly - if your website isn't ranking in the top 3 for relevant keywords then it's highly likely your website & business will be losing traffic to competitors. A tailored digital marketing strategy from a professional SEO agency like Clickmatix will drive strong, sustainable ranking growth. Our SEO agency is built on SEO experts with decades of experience delivering search engine optimisation to businesses all over Australia - we know how to make your website attractive to search engines, driving strong first page keyword growth and ultimately, more website traffic.

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    Search Engine Optimisation

    We're a fully integrated SEO company covering all technical SEO analysis, implementation, content writing & link building.

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    Drive More Traffic & More Leads

    Properly researched keywords, a bespoke SEO campaign & improved landing page quality will drive more rankings, traffic and leads/sales.

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    Reduce Acquisition Costs

    Minimise unnecessary costs on lead acquisition, allowing you to reallocate your hard-earned money to other aspects of your business.

Search Engine Optimisation Process


SEO Audit

We'll identify all of the technical SEO issues, current organic visibility, keyword targeting & end user behaviour analysis - produce a report & a bespoke SEO strategy to resolve & drive strong improvements.



Side-by-side with your team, our SEO company will optimise your on-page and off-page elements to imeplement a targeted SEO campaign for your business. The team at Clickmatix uses honed processes to optimise from years of experience delivering SEO campaigns.



Search engine optimisation is not a set-and-forget solution. Designed to bring long-term results and consistent opportunities, our experts keep an eye on your campaign and continuously refine it to bring you the very best results & sustained online presence.



Success only exists with the numbers to prove it, and we love data as much as delivering high quality SEO services. As your campaign progresses, we'll deliver insights and reports that outline wins, trends, opportunities and strategies for the future.

SEO Case Studies

We're not just any SEO Company
We combine decades of SEO experience into an SEO campaign that delivers
first page of Google results

Search engine optimization isn't just a skill, it's based on an intrinsic approach to data analysis, testing, user experience & delegation. We know client's won't always want to know the ins and outs of every technical SEO term, but we do know clients want demonstratable SEO results that are complemented by traffic that converts - otherwise, rankings are just vanity. We never package SEO, each search engine optimization campaign is bespoke, designed to deliver short, medium and long term search engine rankings. Clickmatix isn't your typical marketing agency, we go beyond award winning SEO, we're there as client business partners, proud to deliver success, a better experience for website visitors, reduce operational pay per click costs & social media marketing costs, increase your sales & more. Stop your search through countless seo agencies - let Clickmatix deliver sustainable, ethical, white hat SEO for your business.

We Make Things Happen

We're ready to power up your web traffic, leads and conversions. Are you?

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Average Client Results 2019-20

Looking for measurable growth? looking for an SEO company in Australia with a proven track record in delivering organic growth?

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Average Ranking Growth Delivered by our SEO Experts (6 months):

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know there's a lot of information out there about search engine optimisation, but not all of it is accurate. Let our experts guide you through the process with these frequently asked questions surrounding search engine optimization, first page of Google results, previous SEO companies & work delivered and lots more! Feel free to give us a call, speak to our SEO experts to understand more about our marketing expertise, how we achieve exceptional search rankings, our approach to conducting a site audit, link building & more.

SEO will make sure that your website receives adequate traffic, evolving your business to be a brand, with the right kind of exposure and a driving force of inquiries and sales. Are you a business looking for elevated revenue or profit? It’s time to re-think your marketing strategy by incorporating SEO into it.
We help you in optimising your web presence, increasing visibility, better branding, and positioning of your business, reforming the credibility and generating worthy keywords. At the end of the day, if your customers and potential customers are not finding you on the Internet they are finding your competitors. We make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Funny you mention that! We’re a full-stack digital marketing agency that houses the best of the best when it comes to marketing talent. We have copywriters, extraordinary designers, and marketing masters who all call our agency, Home. Our copywriters provide the best, quality content which is entirely SEO optimised. An engaging copy will ensure that they’ll keep coming back to your site again and again after their amazing experience and consequently, assist your rankings.

There are so many metals, what makes gold so special? We not only adhere to best practices when it comes to SEO but thrive to follow some protocols and general rules on making things right for your business. Many companies overcharge and over-promise whilst using methods that may get your site penalised by Google.
We’re different as we rightly and truly promise you better traffic based on your targets, which we always deliver on. Improved rankings and most importantly, an incredible ROAD (return on ad spend) for your efforts and investment. We are not bragging, but our plethora of awards for our SEO campaigns speak for us before we even try to explain our accolades on this subject. In short, we deliver the best SEO, and that's why we're a highly rated & trusted seo company in Australia.

When it comes to the number of keywords, we take a prior consultation, keeping in mind your budget and goals and then deciding on ‘what’ and ‘which’ to focus on an initial basis. Over time, we aim to garner as many profitable, relevant keywords to drive your campaign. We use a variety of (industry standard) software as well as engage directly with our clients to ascertain the best keywords to utilise.
Upon creating content with these keywords in mind as well as optimising your site wherever possible, your website will be fully enhanced to bring the right kind of traffic to your site.

We believe in delivering the best results for your business and for that we make sure your campaigns get the requisite treatment, oversight and an overlook from an expert. This is why all our SEO specialists, PPC executives & social media strategists all work within Melbourne, in our very own office, within proximity to one another.
This ensures that our collaborative team is working around the clock to guarantee that your SEO strategy is up to industry standards; Providing professional oversight and much-needed peace and mind.

We understand you have had a bad experience with an SEO agency / SEO company, it's understandable that you no longer believe in SEO and its effectiveness or that SEO services just aren't all that effective. Most SEO companies are doing their best to understand the hundreds, maybe thousands of signals search engines use to rank sites. Clickmatix employs a team of experienced searcg engine optimization strategists who are constantly researching and updating services to fit best practices.
Our dedicated employees are dedicated to helping clients establish online success, we have the resources and experience to deliver on agreed results. Unlike other providers, we offer a guarantee against the SEO services that we provide.

We offer a wide array of digital marketing services including pay per click & PPC advertising services, social media marketing, web development support, high quality responsive web design & content marketing. We're more than just a search engine optimization (SEO company) - Clickmatix is a full service digital marketing agency.


Drive Traffic To Your Website

Explore how search engine optimization can redefine the way you do small business online. Learn how white-hat tactics combine with crucial data and insights to form a holistic campaign for brands of all kinds. Learn more about multi channel marketing efforts and how SEO PPC can complement each other, Learn how real SEO services require more than just a marketing manager.

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