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Digital Granting Program in Queensland

Small Business Digital Grants Program Queensland: All You Need to Know

The State Government of Queensland is reaching out its help to support small businesses for digital transformation, opening the gates on 11th November; with round 7 concluding on 10th December, 5 pm. This grant aims to assist small businesses that wish to access new digitalization service. Understanding its procedure The government of Queensland is granting […]

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Learning and Unlearning the TacticGoogle Algorithm Updates

How Google Algorithm Changes Are Impacting Marketing Processes

Almost every other day, Google initiates changes to its ranking algorithm. Some of them are merely tugs and others seriously shake up the SERPs. Recent research statistics show that Google is the most popular search engine worldwide with a tremendous 81.5% market share. To target the largest amount of people, every business with an online […]

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boost seo on wordpress website

How to Boost SEO on Your WordPress Website [In 10 Steps]

Very few things have buckled up the digital marketing world as exceptionally as WordPress has in the past decade. Thanks to it’s effortless, simple, and free content management system that made it possible for anyone, technical or non-technical person, to create magnificent websites. But, as easy as setting up WordPress sites are, optimizing them for […]

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SEO Case Study

SEO Case Study: Strategies That Raised Revenue Up to 1400% In Just 6 Months

“Our strategies helped this client to retain its customers with daily substantial traffic and new clients with benefitting ROI. We laid out methodologies that helped into scheming new gains without any hacks and using only proper SEO methodology.” Are you looking to drive more traffic to your website? More traffic means more visitors, more impressions […]

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15 wp-plugins

15 Trendy and Future-Ready WordPress Plugins

Similar to “there’s an app for that,” it goes like “there’s a plugin for that” in the WordPress community. The plugin is a small piece of software with a group of functions one can add in the WordPress site. It is used to either extend the functionality of the site or adds new features. Let’s […]

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High Back link

5 Strategies to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2019

21st century is all about the latest technologies and trends. In almost every field, new and astonishing updates keep rolling, and we have to keep up with them without any further ado. The internet plays a vital role in all the technological advancements that are happening on a daily basis. Since the evolution of the […]

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How To Build Thought Leadership with Social Media Marketing Automation?

If there’s one strategy that incorporates the overwhelming demand for on-going content and flourishes brands at the same time, it is thought leadership. The positive impact of thought leadership has increased since the beginning of the social media era. Active social media users are constantly looking for content to entertain them. Thought leaders feed them […]

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Ultimate Guide Regarding Cold Emailing to Potential Clients in 2019

With the snippets stealing the top space of Google and Google’s increasing focus on answering users’ query without bothering to open-up the link, entrepreneurs and marketers are wondering which new client-grabbing methods will help? Turns out cold email is still ready to spread the magic like before, but only if you implement it in a […]

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How to Ensure Maximum Profit from Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign

How To Ensure Maximum Profit From Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign?

There’s no denying that we are living in the age of devices. Consumers are fond of smartphones, tablets, smart watches, home AI assistants, and many others. They can’t even imagine their life without these devices. As per the Harvard Business Review, “An average household has 6 Internet-based Devices” “98% of Americans use multiple devices in […]

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Local Business SEO

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Local Business SEO

“46% of Google Searches are Local” Who isn’t looking for local plumbers, doctors, and hairdressers? Everybody wants products or services on an immediate basis. The problem is when users search for local businesses; big, national, brands dominate the pages, leaving no place for small local businesses. On a survey of 2000 small businesses conducted by […]

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