The Challenge

  • Making banner ads as the crux of our strategy allowed us to tackle the visual sense of potential customers by registering an image in their minds, rather than only textual content.
  • We researched and chose precise tools for the campaign’s execution. This allowed us to reach a vast audience of individuals looking for makeup and cosmetics.
  • After we were done creating compelling banner ads for our marketing campaign, we got down to the optimization of Bellezza’s landing page for effortless, long-lasting results.

The Solutions

  • Dedicated research hours to set realistic campaign goals
  • Data targeting
  • Landing page optimization
  • Effective retargeting

Result Produce

Our results were made to last and build a customer base for your business strategically and successfully. With the implementation of our banner ad strategy, we were able to increase the clicks by 27.04%, with the impressions going up to 33.77% on Bellezza’s website. Besides this, it’s also important to maintain the CPC of a digital marketing strategy to ensure that a company’s budget is maintained. We were able to reduce the overall CPC of Belleza’s banner ads strategy by $0.17. Customers wanted more and kept coming back to their page.

Increase in Clicks
Rising Up Impressions
Decline in Average CPC

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