Who We Are?

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency that creates, plans and manages pay-per-click advertising for you. We handle everything from smart bidding to optimising keywords to writing persuasive ad copy. Our ads speak directly to each prospect and take them to landing pages for conversion. Our strategies ensure your ads don’t get lost in the digital chasm.

We have managed ad spends of thousands of companies, turning their Google ads campaigns into profit-making machines. Hence, when it comes to Google Ads, we know how to put all the jigsaw pieces together to run a successful PPC advertising campaign.

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Why Choose Clickmatix as
Your Google Ads Agency?

At Clickmatix, we only employ the biggest and brightest experts who remain with you until you get the results and even after that. We don’t believe in throwing a lot of stuff at the wall to see what sticks. It’s like gambling, where you may gain short-term results, but in the long term, you may lose all your money.

Instead, our Google Ads experts analyse hoards of keywords, each with different data points, to make optimised decisions. It translates to minimal money waste and advanced optimisation, leading to higher ROI.

Next, we take an “in-house” approach to advertise your business.
We consider your overall business goals and unique selling points that distinguish you from your competitors. Our open line of communication enables us to design campaigns that meet your goals and ensure your customers will find you first before your competitors find them.

Our anti-all-purpose approach is what sets us apart from other Google AdWords Agencies.


Skip the Race to Reach the Top Spot of SERPs with Google Ads

There are roughly 2 billion websites, and everyone is trying to reach the first page of Google. And guess what, 90% fail to get a single visitor. Why? Lack of quality content, poor keyword research, zero planning, and many more.

Google ads follow a pay-per-click model where you only pay when your ad is clicked on. When creating a Google ad, you choose a set of keywords—the words or phrases that will trigger your ad to appear on Google. Then, when people type similar words or phrases you picked, your ads show up alongside the organic search results.

Google AdWords allows businesses to show their ads on Google SERPs (search engine result pages). The ads usually appear at the top or bottom of the Google search engine.

With the top three paid ads taking half of all search clicks, you don’t need any other reason to use Google ads for your business. Besides, no matter the size of your business or budget, you can always tailor your ads according to your needs. Google advertising offer you complete control over budget, allowing you to stay within your monthly capital and pause or stop your ad spending at any point.

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Besides, here are other reasons to make Google Ads a prominent part of your PPC marketing strategy:

  • 65% of all small-to-midsized businesses are using Google Ads to bolster their brand.
  • 95% of mobile ad clicks go to Google adwords campaigns
  • Top 3 paid ads win 46% of clicks in search results
  • 90% of customers say ads influence their buying decisions
  • 75% of users say paid search ads help them find information easily
  • 58% of millennials purchased something because of online ads.

Being an experienced Google AdWords agency, we know the secrets behind what works. It's our job to ensure your ads are shown to users who click.



Struggling to generate leads even after spending thousands? Take a breath!

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Our AdWords Melbourne Experts Will Do All the Heavy Lifting

As the best-in-class Google ads agency, Clickmatix executes the perfect ads campaigns to get your brand at the top of the Google search engine results. We get you in front of your targeted audience, bring more sales and increase revenue.

Our tried and tested digital marketing strategy to bring you more customers.



Let us understand you

Call us on 1300 159 314 or fill out our contact form, and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours. Then, we will schedule a get-to-know-you-better meeting where we understand your goals and stack up unique things giving you an upper hand over your competitors. We also show what our Google ad services have in store for you. We will peek into what has been done, examine what’s going on, and look into the cracks you can improve.



Digging into your market

We will begin researching once we understand your USPs, finalise goals, and determine the results you want to achieve. We analyse your past customers, prospects, and competitors. We see what platforms, search engines, and social media channels they often hang around. We will get a specific idea of the type of people interested in your offerings and where to show your ads on the web.



Creating a roadmap

We suggest the best possible PPC solutions for your products or services. Whether you are bringing a new brand to the market or want to improve the conversions of your current business, we prepare a custom surefire plan you can follow. It includes best-performing keywords, compelling ads, PPC landing page, and everything that makes your prospective customers curious about your products.



Getting the desired results

Finally, we start running your Google ads and take charge of bringing customers. We ensure your ads reach the right people at the right time and send them to your website. You can continue to focus on other essential business tasks while we push the pedal for better results.


Optimisation in progress

Achieving the milestones

Once your ads start appearing on Google, you will see a surge in traffic with all the work going on behind the scenes. We continue to optimise your Google ads and help you grow your business. By working with us, you will enjoy more website visitors and potential purchases, allowing you to expand.


Analytics & Reporting

Ongoing tracking and transparency

We constantly analyse data and send you reports showing what’s going on with your ads. We will also arm you with measurement tools to help you stay updated on our progress. Our team works 24/7 on your project. For queries, you can reach out to them at any time, and we guarantee that you will receive quick responses.

Sounds like a profitable deal?

Contact us today to know how we can help advertise right and sell more.


Do More Business with Our Full-Service Google Ads Agency

Google ads is an incredibly beneficial tool—but only if the person mining the campaigns has its fair share of experience in all types of Google ads. That’s where our Google ads agency has an added advantage.

We have been running several Google Ads campaigns across all industries for ages. We offer below Google Ads services to meet your different marketing goals.


Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads campaigns put your products right in front of potential customers. When users search on Google, your product ads will appear at the top, along with the image and price. This gives you an excellent opportunity to beat the competition and eliminate the need for customers to go through a handful of sites to get what they want.

Our Google AdWords agency sets up unbeatable Google Shopping campaigns for your company. We include high-quality photos, compelling ad copy, and much more to influence customers to purchase.

Google Display Ads

People are good at ignoring ads when they browse websites. Our outstanding design and a tempting CTA ensure your Google display ads get noticed.

Our Google ads management Melbourne team knows how to design irresistible ads. And you don’t have to worry about washing your ad spend down the drain due to uninterested customers as we display your ads on the sites your targeted audience visits frequently.


Google Remarketing

Remarketing campaigns enable you to show your ads to people who have already interacted with specific products or services. If a user explored a product and left without purchase, remarketing auto-creates an ad for that product and displays it on sites the user visits after leaving yours.

Remarketing and retargeting are highly-effective campaigns since they choose people who have already shown genuine interest in your business–they just need a little extra nudge.

Our AdWords management agency designs an exclusive remarketing strategy to help you convert those interested buyers. We add a sense of urgency to your remarketing ad copies so that your customers feel the need to buy right now.

Different Google Ad Types for
Your Different Marketing Needs

Each brand has its own unique marketing model. That’s why our Google AdWords agency offers different advertising options to suit your needs. With Clickmatix, you don’t need to settle for an ad type that doesn’t go hand-in-hand with your business. Instead, you can access various options and choose ads resembling your brand.

Here are seven types of ads offered by Google and mastered by our ads specialists:

Now that you know all the ad types,
are you excited to discover the fruitful mix for your brand?
Drop us an email now

Our Google Ads Services Take Your Google Ads Campaign to the Next Level

google-ads-image copy

At Clickmatix, we apply proven PPC advertising strategies to eliminate money wasted behind needless trials & errors and boost conversions.

As Google Ads management experts, we provide the following services to drive new leads daily and deliver a high return on your ad spend.

Keyword Research & Optimisation

We research, analyse, and select the best keywords prone to driving qualified traffic.

Device Optimisation

We ensure your ads adjust to all types of devices and persuade users to take action.

Expert Google Ads Setup

Our Google AdWords heroes bring the necessary strategies, tools, and assets to the table to run highly successful campaigns.

Competitor Analysis

We fetch insights from your competitors’ products, sales, and marketing tactics to design more potent strategies.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We keep working on increasing the conversion rate of your website or app.

Ad Copy Creation

Our experts focus on creating an ad copy that converts your potential lead into a customer.

Ongoing Optimisation Of Google Ads Account

Our never-ending testing, research, experiments, and learnings help our clients scale their business through ads.

Enhance Ads With Ad Extensions

We give your users more reasons to take action on your ads through ad extensions like call buttons, links, and other extra information.

Bid Management

We manage your bids to keep ad spending within budget and ensure you get the most out of your Google AdWords investment.

Negative Keywords Block

We prevent your ads from appearing in irrelevant search queries and save your ad spend from unnecessary clicks.

Our most recent Success Story

What Separates Clickmatix from other Google Ads Management Services?

Clickmatix team build custom Ad service packages that meet your business goals and budget. Our out-of-the-box strategies, transparent reporting, and proven PPC advertising tactics deliver measurable results to our clients.

Our Critical Qualities Driving Lasting Results for Your Business

Google Ads Certified

Google provides Google Ads certification to people with proficiency and expertise in online advertising, specifically, Google advertising. All our experts are Google Ads certified, so you can ensure your ad campaigns are in the best hands.


Proven Track Record

We are the largest performance advertising agency in the world. We’ve partnered with all types and sizes of businesses and bring our clients the latest and greatest advertising technology. Our 500+ satisfied clients are proof of our successful track record.



The biggest difference between Clickmatix and other Google ads agencies is our ability to personally get in touch with you to better understand your brand. Our collaboration results in a tailored and hand-built digital marketing strategy that gets your business off the ground.



Instead of confusing you with complicated spreadsheets or verbal data, we give you access to understand-at-a-glance reports disclosing the tiniest details of each ad campaign. Our pricing is equally transparent: no hidden charges or extra costs.


Growth Culture

We believe in working inside out. Our Sydney based Google ads agency sustains a culture of constant exploring, learning, and improving. It helps our team stay updated with the latest trends, beware of outdated strategies, and invent tactics that meet businesses’ present and future expectations.

We Make Things Happen

We're ready to power up your web traffic, leads and conversions. Are you?

How Google Ads Attract Ideal Buyers for Small, Medium, and Enterprise Businesses?

According to Google, advertisers earn $8 for each $1 spent on Google Ads.

Google receives 5 billion search queries per day, and the search engine giant manages 2+ trillion searches per year. Behind those searches are people looking for solutions to problems that your business can offer. And if you can help them find the answer, even if it's through an ad, they're more likely to choose you over your competitors.

Imagine reaching your target audience the minute they search for you, and your ads appear at the top. That's Google advertising. It gives you the edge to get noticed, grow traffic, and drive sales.


Reach Out to the Right People

Google advertising enables you to narrow your target to specific people who are looking for a solution you offer, who will buy from you repeatedly, and refer others who need your services.


Meet Your Customers When They Want You

Google ads provide searchers with relevant results, resonating with what they are looking for and when. Overall, it offers your potential customers the right information at the right time at the right place!


Control Your Budget

Google AdWords lets you set your budget for each ad – and you can change or stop it whenever you want.


Outsmart Your Competitors

Since your high-quality ads appear on search engines at the right time, your site or app will achieve more brand awareness and receive more clicks than your competitors.


Retarget Interested Customers

Often, customers visit your website, explore it for a while, and then leave. With Google Adwords, you can target your ads to follow them on other websites listed on the Google Display Network.


Reach Your Mobile Customers Where They Are

Your customer might be looking for you on their mobile devices. Google AdWords comes with tons of mobile optimisation options, allowing you to reach out to mobile users through all types of ads.


Get Measured Results

Google AdWords gives you loads of customisable options to set, track, and measure all your ad campaigns in one dashboard. For instance, you can track ROI, website traffic, brand awareness, sales, and conversion.


Run Multiple Campaigns for Various Marketing Needs

With Google Ads, you can run many campaigns for your different marketing goals. You can measure the results of each campaign separately to know which ones are performing well and which ones need improvement.


Constantly Analyse Metrics to Enhance Results

Google AdWords makes it real simple to analyse your ads with metrics like which keywords are performing well, headlines getting higher click-through rates, best performing time for your ads, and more. It gives you a fair idea of how to tweak your ad to get better results and maximise profit.

Your Google Ads FAQs Answered

If you didn’t find the answer you are looking for, do not hesitate to call our
Google ads management agency and ask us directly.

Google Ads can be very profitable, but only if you know how to set a strong foundation! Hiring an experienced Google ads agency can increase your odds of success.

On average, businesses spend roughly $1 to $2 per ad click, depending on how popular each keyword is and how much you are willing to pay compared to others. Small-to-midsize businesses (SMEs) can start with $10,000 per month. Larger companies or enterprises can invest double that or more.

Google AdWords lets you incorporate a fraudulent click filter that recognises invalid click activities. Google credits these invalid clicks against your account each month so you don't need to pay for them.

Paid marketing is highly recommended for startups as it will bring customers in a short time while your organic efforts like SEO take time to generate results.

Google Adwords has in-built conversion tracking. You can see what a user did when they clicked on your ads and whether they completed an action like signing up or making a purchase. Our Google ads agency offers all the reports you need to understand the results of your campaigns.

Google Ads are essential for the growth of every business in Australia. Understanding and identifying the target audience of a business becomes crucial for digital success, and Google Ads will enhance this process for you. Thousands of companies in Australia are now using Google Ads to make their brand stand out from the competition. Partnering with an expert digital marketing agency can help achieve this with the right strategies. However, these strategies may vary from one business to business.

PPC (Pay Per Click) is one such example that enables a business to capture maximum ROI (Return on investment) for their marketing campaigns. Therefore, you should immediately drop your traditional marketing methods and shift to Google Ads to get immediate and consistent returns.

Google Ads work for most businesses irrespective of their size, type, or location. Google Ads aims to increase a business’s brand awareness. To achieve this, they help the brand attract more traffic to their site and increase sales. While carrying out various campaigns, a brand can also check its effectiveness by tracking the results immediately through Google Ads.

If you don't know how to manage your Google ads or what strategies could work the best for your brand, you can start with a targeted search campaign and gradually expand over time. Knowing the needs and requirements might not be easy for every business. Therefore, to know what suits your brand the best, get in touch with us!

Scaling our client’s business at the top of the competition is our major aim. We do this by utilising the best google ads management techniques. These techniques are catered to serve every business’s needs and requirements. Unlike other agencies, we do not rely on guesswork and are backed by tried and tested services.

We keep in touch with the latest market trends, which helps us align the campaigns perfectly with the trends. Reaching a large target audience and achieving the set goals on time is our objective. Therefore, if you want to level up your digital marketing game, contact us!

On average, Australian businesses spend around $3,000 to $20,000 every month for Google Ads. However, the cost is not fixed and will vary depending on the business needs and requirements. These requirements will be responsible for various campaign implementations. Apart from this, an google ads agency's management fees also come into the picture.

Carrying the Google Ads campaign on your own will disrupt you from focusing on your own strengths. Therefore, investing in a reliable digital marketing agency is a must. However, you should not worry about the cost-related factors as implementing the right techniques can bring you a solid ROI.

Indeed, higher engagements are achievable through Bing Ads. However, when it comes to generating leads, there is no competition to Google Ads. According to research, the average conversion rate for Google Ads is 3.75%, whereas, it is only 2.94% for Bing Ads. These figures could change depending on your industry. If you want to work with a smarter platform, you should opt for Google Ads.

A business can greatly benefit from Google Ads’ AI mechanisms and algorithms as they provide precision and accuracy. When choosing a platform for advertising, you need to know various factors, including keyword density, campaign budget, audience demographics, etc.

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  • Outperform competitors
  • Increase conversions
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