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80% Increased in Total Events

A key to growing an online business is understanding user behavior and helping them explore more about your brand. After getting a thorough understanding of site visitors and their behaviour, we helped this client gain a whopping 80% increase in total organic events in just three months!

Defining Success Beyond Metrics

After three months of focusing on their site performance and event tracking, Rent Rabbit’s organic traffic and events skyrocketed significantly.


Growth in
Organic Traffic


Increased in
Total Events


Increase in
New Visitors


Increased in
Goal Completion



Before deciding and implementing any strategy, we wanted to understand the set of challenges. Some of them were:

  • We noticed that the site required complete front-end and back-end website design customisation to attract visitors.
  • The client’s website was on Amazon Web Server (AWS) which restricted the site visitors to trust them with personal information.
  • The entire website was lacking geo-location web pages which are a must for crowd-sourced rental reviews and content platforms.
  • Their website had 10k+ web pages which were challenging to manage together.
  • The website had low DR and DA scores. Thus, it restricted the site to scale and rank higher on SERP.
  • The website had below-average (or even low) organic visibility in SERP.


After determining, highlighting, and analysing the key challenges, we first wanted to understand which strategy would work best for Rentrabbit and how will it help overcome the ongoing challenges.

  • First and foremost, we started with a quick yet thorough website analysis and tracking via Google Product (GA4) to get up to 50+ events and goals.
  • Next, we decided to create a dynamic Meta title and description for all 10k+ web pages to further streamline the process.
  • Apart from that, we created dynamic and property information for all web pages.
  • All 10k+ property pages were custom-designed with an easy search filter and navigation to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • We also created a dynamic “Agency” comparison page to allow website visitors to compare 300+ estate agencies and choose the best one.

Breaking Down a Winning
Digital Strategy & Implementation


After understanding the challenges and concerns, we decided to perform a quick website analysis and tracking to set up organic goals & events.


Next, we created a dynamic Meta title, Meta description,, property information, and agency comparison page to streamline the process.


We also customised all 10k+ property pages with an easy search filter and navigation to ensure a seamless and enhanced user experience.



  • 95% growth in Organic Traffic
  • 100% Website Health Score
  • 300+ Backlink & 67% Referring Domain Growth
  • 73% increase in Goal Completion
  • 80% increase in Total Events

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