The Challenge

Ambitious Plans To Scale Undermined by An Under performing Organic presence
  • The biggest challenge with the campaign was figuring out how to target the two locations, Queensland and Tasmania.
  • The next step was finding keywords for each of the cities
  • Setting up unique Google My Business for both locations
  • Optimizing content around focus and long-tail keywords
  • Optimize meta titles and descriptions to include keywords
  • Optimizing Site for local search
  • Boosting site speed

The Solutions

  • Creating the 2 location-based subdomains were created since products differed in each of the two stores.
  • Landing pages were created for every location & follow proper optimisation process.
  • For the subdomains to meet NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) guidelines, information of the business was added to the footer and top-bar
  • GMB was set up for both Queensland and Tasmania with important information
  • Create white-hat backlinks from authority domains and local (.au) domains

Result Produce

We managed to perform the completion of our main tasks with the organic traffic being driven to all the remote locations of the business’ sites. In Aug’19, 25 keywords were ranking in the top 10, and overall 607 keywords were ranking. Whereas in Aug’20: The site was ranking for 927 keywords out of which 117 keywords are in the top 10.

Increase in Unique Users
Increase in Organic Leads
Increase in Conversion Rate

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