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60% Growth in Leads in Just 2 Months

By analysing the behaviour of Facebook users and improving brand exploration. Peace In A Pod saw a remarkable 60% increase in leads in just two months. Our comprehensive analysis of the target audience, combined with effective strategies, allowed users to gain a better understanding of the brand, leading to campaign success.

Defining Success Beyond Metrics

Clickmatix helped Peace In A Pod achieve impressive traffic in just two months by focusing on their Facebook Ads campaign performance and event tracking.


Growth in
Leads generation


Savings on the
marketing budget


Decrease in
cost per lead


Increased in

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Before making any strategic decisions, it was important for us to have a comprehensive understanding of areas of improvement and potential challenges. Here are some of the challenges we identified:

  • There was a struggle in prospecting new inquiries and achieving significant growth in leads.
  • There was a heavy reliance on costly Meta Ads to achieve an improvement in lead generation.
  • A new user-friendly and visually appealing website had to be developed and optimised for SEO.
  • The new under-construction website must be launched with updated and consistent branding to convey the brand’s unique selling prepositions successfully.
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After a thorough analysis and careful consideration of the critical challenges, we developed a result-driven strategy to effectively assist Peace In A Pod in solving these issues.

  • Creating a successful lead generation campaign by promoting the most popular services.
  • Effectively promoting the Unique Selling Prepositions of Peace In A Pod to enhance the campaign’s success.
  • Generating more leads and improving the effectiveness of the campaign with the help of the Meta Advantage+ machine learning tool.
  • Testing the dynamic ad copy campaign to determine the winning formula and enhance the lead generation effort.

Breaking Down a Winning
Digital Strategy & Implementation


We began with creating a lead generation campaign focused on Peace In A Pod’s most popular services. We also focused on driving more traffic and improving lead generation by highlighting the Unique Selling Prepositions.


Next, we decided to utilise machine learning and the Meta Advantage+ tool to generate more leads and enhance the effectiveness of the campaign.


We experimented with dynamic ad copy to identify the best-performing ad formula and improve the campaign’s overall ROI.

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  • 60% Growth in Leads generation.
  • 23% Savings on the marketing budget.
  • 53% Decrease in cost per lead
  • 80% Growth in Overall Traffic

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