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197% Growth in Organic Traffic

The optimisation initiatives led to a large increase in organic traffic. This expanded Baby Living's online reach and visibility.

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Growth in
Organic Traffic


Increase in
Organic Sessions


Increase in
Organic Revenue


Increase in
New Visitors

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Before making any strategic decisions, it was important for us to have a comprehensive understanding of areas of improvement and potential challenges. Here are some of the challenges we identified:

  • Baby Living’s website lacked optimised collections and product pages. This was leading to a less-than-ideal user experience and limited visibility in search engine results.
  • The product schema on the website was outdated. This was affecting its performance in search engine rankings and user engagement.
  • Slow website page speed contributed to higher bounce rates and decreased user satisfaction. This was impacting website performance.


In response to these challenges, Baby Living devised a comprehensive strategy to address each issue systematically.

  • The team conducted a thorough analysis of the website’s performance and implemented robust e-commerce tracking mechanisms. This provided valuable insights into user behaviour and paved the way for data-driven decision-making.
  • A detailed technical audit was conducted to identify and address underlying issues. This included resolving 404 errors, fixing indexing issues, and optimising the website structure for improved search engine visibility.
  • Strategic changes were made to meta tags and on-page elements to align with best practices and improve search engine ranking. This involved crafting compelling meta descriptions, optimising title tags, and enhancing content relevance.
  • Special emphasis was placed on optimising product pages to enhance user experience and drive conversions. This included refining product descriptions, optimising images, and streamlining the checkout process.

Breaking Down a Winning
Digital Strategy & Implementation


The optimisation efforts translated into tangible business results, with organic revenue witnessing a substantial uplift.


The enhanced online presence attracted a larger audience. This drove growth in new visitor acquisition and expanded Baby Living's customer base.


Over the past three months, Baby Living has demonstrated growth and improvement across various key performance indicators.

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  • Baby Living experienced consistent growth in organic traffic, sessions, and revenue, reflecting the sustained impact of optimisation efforts.
  • Key metrics such as clicks, impressions, average click-through rate, and average position saw notable improvements.
  • A remarkable 99% of targeted keywords achieved top 5 positions in search engine rankings. This solidified Baby Living’s position as a leader in the industry.

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