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Generated 55 Qualified Leads

By implementing a targeted strategy aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of its Facebook user base and increasing brand awareness, Naked Skin Clinic was able to generate 55 new qualified leads within a mere two-month period.

Defining Success Beyond Metrics

Clickmatix's innovative approach and effective marketing techniques empowered users to learn more about their services and clinic.


Qualified leads


Ad recall


Ad recall
lift rate


Lifetime cost per lead
from $38.33

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Before making any strategic decisions, it was important for us to have a comprehensive understanding of areas of improvement and potential challenges. Here are some of the challenges we identified:

  • No new enquiries despite continuous efforts
  • Relatively low brand presence, both locally and digitally.
  • Issues with Facebook Ads policies relating to the cosmetic services of Naked Skin Clinic.
  • Meta lead generation campaigns were not connected to any offline events set up with the client’s CRM.
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After a thorough analysis and careful consideration of the critical challenges, we developed a result-driven strategy to effectively assist Naked Skin Clinic in solving these issues.

  • Curating a comprehensive campaign to improve brand awareness and generate new leads.
  • Offering segmented cosmetic services through an engaging carousel ad format to increase user engagement.
  • Streamlining the lead capture process by syncing leads with customer CRM for more effective follow-ups.
  • Conducting extensive testing of dynamic ad copy to discover the optimal messaging for maximum impact.
  • Launching a targeted brand awareness campaign in the Northern Beaches region to accelerate brand recognition and attract new customers.

Breaking Down a Winning
Digital Strategy & Implementation


We started with creating a brand awareness and lead generation campaign. We launched a new brand awareness campaign in the Northern Beaches to target potential local customers and accelerate brand recognition.


The next step was streamlining the lead generation process. We began syncing the leads with customer CRM for more consistent follow-ups.


Finally, we segmented the cosmetic service offerings through a carousel ad format and tested dynamic ad copy to discover the winning formula.

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  • Generate 55 new qualified leads within a mere 2 month period.
  • We managed to get down the lifetime cost per lead to $14.53 from $38.33
  • We achieved 1820 Ad recall lifts with a 9.75% Ad recall lift rate.

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