How Baby Direct generated
20x Revenue in just one month of starting their Campaign.

Know The Client

It is a leading online store in Australia; it holds its pride in owning and operating the business with the authority of being an Australian. It houses the unique and vast sections of high-quality baby products, manufactured from top experts like nursery furniture, and change tables amongst many.

The Challenges We Faced

Baby direct, a prominent online store, was losing its online market share, and this is where Clickmatix joined in for their web strategy and 360-degree SEO campaigns. The strategy incorporated overall SEO and digital marketing to increase total sales, and this led them to successfully achieve their targeted revenue by 59%.

Our Game Plan

  • We started their link building campaign and this led to significant jumps in ranking in their trial run of the first month, this is where the client decided to move ahead with a 6-month organic search contract.
  • We developed promotional materials like infoGraphics, PPTs, along with content marketing, optimisation of YouTube videos, integrated and promoted strategic social channels and executed some quality link baits and other ethical link building niches to achieve rankings and to drive traffic.
  • Keyword research for effective internet marketing. Content marketing to attract potential customers. Make the webpage SEO friendly to get crawled frequently.

The Final Assessment

The existing market is highly competitive with total matching search results pages numbering 14 - 50 million in Google alone for all terms in the initial organic SEO campaign.

  • Generated over 1,045 conversions in a span of just 1 year.
  • Successfully implemented strategies to generate traffic and registered 316,135 organic users in 2019.

Client - Our Focal Point

  • Campaign strategy
  • Landing page’s subject matter
  • Content marketing

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