The Challenge

  • Needless to say, SKAGs are at the heart of a successful Search Ad campaign. To match up to our PPC standards, SKAG or a Single Keyword Ad Group allows us to hyper-target ads to highlight the solution to the consumer’s problem.
  • A high click-through rate with a lower cost per click was considered to be the ideal scenario for our campaign’s implementation
  • Ordinary is for the yesteryear. Building and updating ad copies to keep up with trendy topics is essential for the success of a digital marketing campaign, especially when it comes to the implementation of search ads.

The Solutions

  • Magnify their products and services on a much wider scale than what they had begun with
  • Optimizing ads for all platforms and devices
  • SKAGs implementation
  • Testing new portals and extensions for our PPC campaign allowed us to find new ways to promote and build our client’s success.
  • Voice optimization for search ads.

Result Produce

We went over a 182.37% growth in the overall clicks obtained, we managed to build a consistent growth in CTR of 361.07%. Our pride lies in the number of conversions we were able to build, i.e. a skyrocketing 1,300% increase in conversions, our campaign was a success.

Increase in Clicks
Growth in CTR
Increase in Conversions

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