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in traffic over 6 months with Pobi Lawyers

Know The Client

To become one of the best strata law firms, Pobi lawyers function with a mission of aiming to grow personal and business relationships with the help of integrity, leadership and business practices to exceed their clients’ expectations. Hoping to work by every client’s respective budget, Pobi lawyers aimed to stand out from the crowd by acting for the customer, and not simply at will. However, their efforts were being left undiscovered within the complicated understandings of the nuances of the job. To overcome this, we first needed to identify what the key problems were.

The Challenges We Faced

  • The organic traffic of the firm was surprisingly low. In a niche market of law specifications, details need to be worked out with the help of references from competitors and their backlinks to understand the potential growth for the corporation.
  • Not only was it important to tackle the growth of the company, but we needed to work out the right strategy to reach customers that needed help.
  • For law firms, working out the right strategy can be tricky since their clientele is based on the requirement for solutions towards sensitive issues. A subtle, yet effective strategy needed to be worked out for the success we wanted to achieve.

Our Game Plan

  • Every strategy begins with the understanding of fellow competitors and how they’re able to gain the traffic that you hope to achieve. Generally, this is followed through with the help of competitive backlinks and keywords.
  • To gain more leads on the client’s website, auditing to understand what’s lacking, what’s broken and what needs to be responded is the first call to action to build up an online presence.
  • Understanding how competitive keywords need to be implemented is an important step towards gaining SEO control over the website to get on the better side of Google SERPs.

The Final Assessment

While keeping the functionality of a law firm in mind, we worked with our custom strategy and were left with beneficial results. Not only did we manage to gain organic growth of 346.48% in 6 short months, but we were also able to rank up our keywords in Google Maps as well. If we were to calculate the total growth we manage to perform for the business over the year, we went from organic traffic of 39 to an unbelievable 8,645. The strategy, proving to be prosperous, gave Pobi lawyers a rising 185.71% increase in leads and a 100% rise in organic events. With the assurance of organic growth lasting a lifetime as long as you work it the right way, we were able to give Pobi lawyers the dream they didn’t know they could achieve!

Client - Our Focal Point

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  • content marketing
  • HTML Schema code

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