How the German Cuckoo Clock Nest was able to perform a
40.54% gain in traffic

Know The Client

The German Cuckoo Clock Nest is the biggest importer of cuckoo clocks that are manufactured straight from Germany itself. A major tourist attraction, cuckoo clocks is a historical and cultural icon that is based on the Gold coast Hinterland with 2 decades of experience. With clocks going out daily, they hold two on-site workshops to keep clock repair services ticking. Aware of the importance of information, they keep their customers updated on every part of the process and even have a showroom tour available on their website.

The Challenges We Faced

  • Like every product in the market, the German Cuckoo Clock Nest were up against some of the finest providers of cuckoo clocks in all of Australia, but they still managed to gain first-page visibility, all with the magic of a powerful strategy.
  • Whilst working against the general market in order to rise to the top, German cuckoo clock nest was able to emphasise on the quality of its products with the help of the visibility that we were able to provide.

Our Game Plan

    Although providing quality products is important, most of what marketing is based on is how you manage to sell the product you have. No product can ever be powerful if not sold the right way. We hoped to bring out the best of our client by working towards growth by:
  • In-depth analysis of the fellow competitors, along with the methodologies they are working with to grow.
  • Good Domain Authority and Page Authority under Moz to achieve added traffic.
  • Application of Call to Action with reference to Mobile Number and Email ID.
  • Research of competitive keywords and how to achieve higher visibility under Google SERPs.

The Final Assessment

With added influence through their organic online growth, the German cuckoo clock nest has grown to be one of the most successful online stores for cuckoo clocks in all of Australia, and over the world.After approaching us for ideal results in organic growth, they observed an overall traffic increase by 261.60% and an increase in revenue by a total of $33,615.51. Organic transactions rose to be 72 from nothing, and Google My Business was able to perform the highest amount of growth the German Cuckoo Clock Nest has seen. The statistics of Google My Business over the quarter for the client are as follows: (i) Visits to website: 945, (ii) Requests for directions: 1.14k and (iii) Call: 113.With a total of 12 keywords on Google SERPs, they fall on the first page for 10 keywords while on the 2nd page for the remaining 2.

Client - Our Focal Point

  • Well optimized - Google My Business Listing
  • Researched competitive keywords
  • Link building

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