The Challenge

  • Black Label Events needed a strategy that would help them target previous website visitors to build brand awareness whilst working to target the next stage of their buyer persona.
  • To bring customers back to the Black Label Events’ website, we needed to create a remarketing campaign
  • Retargeted displays are capable of singlehandedly increasing your conversion rate by 70% and we decided to use this to our client’s advantage.

The Solutions

  • We began by installing a remarketing code. Adding an Adwords remarketing tag is the first step to begin a remarketing campaign.
  • We customised combinations based on interest categories followed by individual website behaviour. Finding your audience is one thing but building a niche and following through with it is another.
  • Bidding and listing come next. While bidding optimization helps in keeping the frequency of your ads to a favourable extent, listing allows you to reach relevant groups.

Result Produce

Performing a remarketing campaign allowed us to increase the overall click-through rate of our ads by 40% with an even higher rate of conversions, standing tall at 447.06%.

Spike in CTR
Growth in Conversions
Increase in Conversion Rate

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