The Challenge

  • Behavioural and contextual targeting
  • Minimise high cart abandonment ratio
  • Increase brand awareness

The Solutions

  • Retargeting ads with the help of cookies to re-reach the customers that visited the website of All 4 Kids before. This allows the buyer persona to be recognised whilst also increasing conversions.
  • This helps in skyrocketing the brand’s awareness in a more crucial pattern as more than 70% to 80% of customers end up revisiting the original website of the company, in our case, All 4 Kids.
  • Behavioural and contextual targeting allows us to impose relevant content in the form of online advertisements. Sophisticated audience targeting is crucial to building the niche that you need.

Result Produce

We built a plan, we achieved the results. All 4 Kids attained a subtle but consistent rise in the number of clicks going up to 2,432 and impressions rising to a total of 803,341 on their website. Moreover, these clicks were not limited to simply getting the customer to the webpage, but also converting into sales.

Increase InClicks
Growth in Impressions
Increase in Conversions

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