Providing insight for companies for identification specificities- A/B testing

A/B testing also known as split testing creates two multiple completely different versions of the landing page (be it, homepage, product page or promotional offerings), it also allows the company to determine the impact of differences to the primary section of the landing page elements such as design, content, functionality, product pricing and functionality changes.

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Assisting your business goals more effectively- Multivariate testing

Multivariate testing is the process and technique where many companies test and modify the multiple versions and aspects of the landing page, from creatives, product window, pricing and other content pages, creating unique variations of a landing page as opposed to creating completely different landing pages. The advantage of multivariate testing allows the companies to refine and develop the website without having to disturb and overhaul the designs, providing the data and measurements that help in identifying the elements and laying out the user-friendly experience to meet your business goals.

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Benefits of multivariate and A/B testing:

  • Deeper insight into the consumer intent
  • Developing the company’s offer for conversion rate optimisation
  • Identifying the type of message, creatives and user experience

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Data that is based on evidence-based metrics

With either of the method your company opted for the implementation, multivariate & A/B landing page testing is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to directly compare your users landing page experience, eliminating the guesswork and realising what’s best to optimise your website by gaining meaningful insights and measurable data that is released on website based evidence-based metrics.

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