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Do You Want to Market Your Business in Your Area?

You should opt for local SEO Melbourne, one of the most effective approaches for marketing a business online in your locality. With local SEO Melbourne, you will be able to showcase your products and services to local customers at a time when they are actually looking for them. A Local business SEO campaign comprises of a wide array of strategies to get your business website to rank highly in Google and other search engines. In this case, the options also include business directories like Yelp, Foursquare, Google My Business listing, etc.

Thousands and thousands of customers around the world are making searches each and every day to find the most high-end local businesses in their respective area. If you work with us, the best local SEO company in Melbourne, you will increase your chances of getting found by prospective customers.

Any standard local SEO service in Melbourne will involve a very specific and targeted online marketing approach with the main goal being to produce a considerable ROI (return on investment). We are an experienced and knowledgeable company providing a fantastic local SEO service in Melbourne for all businesses looking to attain a remarkable online presence and attract new clients.

We can help your business stand out and keep you ahead in this ever-changing field.

As one of the best SEO companies in Melbourne, we are here to keep you one step ahead of the competition at all times.

Our team is ready to provide some of the most extraordinary & affordable SEO services in Melbourne. Join us and get the best search engine optimisation in Australia.

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    There is simply no denying that local SEO is the new Yellow Pages. When people have a household emergency or need an answer to a question, they search it on the internet, and they tend to look for nearby places to help. They’ll use their mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc. to find the best local businesses before determining which will be able to fulfil their requirements best.


    It is always the best choice for your business to aim to attract a high volume of website traffic. If your business’s website is optimised for local SEO, potential customers will be more likely to come across your business while making a Google search.

    As a leading SEO company in Melbourne, we take every necessary step to drive the most traffic to your site.


    It is a proven fact that a huge percentage of local searches done on mobile phones soon turn into purchases. The intent of consumers is to get an immediate and effective search engine result for local businesses, which is actually what renders local SEO one of the most efficient forms of advertising. If you as a business are one of the first results to appear for a customer when they are searching, the chances of making a sale rises exponentially.

    An SEO company in Melbourne has a lot of competition, but only a company like us can help you utilise SEO services to achieve outstanding search results.


    Local SEO is one of the simpler and more cost-effective options. Other SEO services and options provided by various companies in Melbourne are much more difficult and competitive. This means an SEO company, even in a large city like Melbourne, is less likely to charge a high rate for these types of local SEO services.

    With us, you can achieve a better local online presence for your business without spending an exuberant amount on SEO services with an SEO agency that can’t get you the results you need.


Local SEO is not a singular service and is available in conjunction with a wide variety of types. Each service in relation to your SEO campaign will have its own significance, and you can choose your desired services while working alongside our Melbourne SEO agency.

Of course, in its most basic form, local SEO leads to website ‘localisation’, which means the name of your city, country or region will be seamlessly mentioned throughout your site. Apart from this, there are many other strategies used to help you get the most out of your chosen SEO services in Melbourne, which will be mentioned below:


Citation building is all about citation sites and online business directories to not only help customers find your business but to showcase the name, address and phone numbers of your company. Local citations are a crucial component of SEO that enhance local search results.

Claiming your GMB page is the first step towards enhanced online visibility and making your business appear in local search results, Maps, Google+ pages and so on.


If you are successful in attaining natural backlinks from well-to-do websites, search engines will recognise your website as a trusted source of information. Links from local newspapers, citations and business associations can help you further accentuate your business visibility in Google and the effectiveness of the SEO services Melbourne.

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Local SEO: What Does Clickmatix Do For You?

We have the expertise to amalgamate a wide array of strategies to come up with the best kind of local SEO services for your specific company needs. Our high-end approaches have given us a reputation as one of the best digital marketing agencies in Melbourne.

The prominent schemes we utlise while optimising a website for local SEO are multi-channel location targeting, mobile optimisation and optimisation of your Google My Business listing.


Our first step is to ensure that your customers have a clear idea of where you are based through location targeting. When it comes to mobile optimisation, our experts will make sure that the users can find you on the go and immediately when they need you. Lastly, we make sure that your Google My Business listing claim is optimised with comprehensive address details, pictures and information that will paint you as a trustworthy and professional business.

Our Ultimate Approach To Doing Local Seo For Your Business Website

With years of experience, we offer an approach to affordable local SEO that is easy, well-planned and perfect. We put local search engine optimisation into effect by first claiming your Google Places for your My Business page and making sure all contact information and other details are displayed clearly and correctly. This step is followed by linking your Google Places page to a Google+ Local page. Next, we will optimise the information and content about your business for SEO by referencing vital keywords that will attract the right profile of user to your website.

Once these steps are complete, we ensure that your business is listed in the correct category and enhance your business credibility with essential media and rich media in the form of Schema markup, which is the information displayed beneath the search result for a business or service. This is an efficient way to provide instantly appealing propositions for potential customers.

Last but not least, we acknowledge that your customers may leave reviews and end up keeping a list of all your physical locations as a reference.

You Are Different, So We Think Different

Clickmatix has been helping local businesses, international businesses and various independent SEO professionals improve their market value and positioning in local search engines for many years with specialised SEO services in Melbourne. With our many years of SEO expertise, we ensure that all our methodologies are impeccable and generate fantastic results. We promise you a high NAP (name, address and phone number) consistency for much higher visibility in the local search within a very short period of time and a more successful SEO campaign.

You can choose either our manual citation team, which is led by a group of experts, or you may prefer to utilise aggregator submissions. In either case, our local SEO citing services can push your business to a higher level of visibility across millions of online business directories, mapping services and mobile apps all around the world.

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