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How to Use Competitors To Your Advantage In SEO

With the modern world of internet getting much roomier, the term ‘competitor’ is no longer rhymed with ‘rivals’ ‘hate’ or ‘enemies’. In the fast pacing, SEO world competition can actually be utilized to incorporate gains for your website.

Yes, you read it right there is so much you can learn or get inspiration from your competitors. Have a look at these incredible ways you can use your competitors for your SEO.

1. Innovative content

It is difficult to come up with new content ideas everyday especially when you are in an industry which is not fast changing. Here is when you can use your competitor’s website to get a little inspired which will help you to add new content to your website.

Of course, the plan here is not to copy the exact content on the competitor’s website but you can see what topics they have covered and tweak them a little and create unique content. You can also cover those points which have not been covered by the competitor. Countless ideas can be extracted from this so it is good to let your brain run wild.

2. Stepping up on social media

When it comes to social media, it is very important to have a significant number of followers. You can have a look at your competitor’s social media which will be able to tell you how many people follow it. This means that those followers are interested in the niche of your industry.

This will give you an idea about what type of audience should you be targeting on social media. You can even work together with your competitor for mutual benefits.

3. Brand differentiation

An effective SEO strategy involves creating unique content for your target audience. You should publish a lot of relevant contents which improvises the connectivity with the audience and also increase the optimization of your website.

By visiting social media of various competitor’s you can get an idea of what type of contents are they posting and you can also learn about their target audience. This way you can explore and implement more strategies in the digital sphere. You can find more ways to differentiate your brand and which will make your brand stand out in front of your shared audience.

4. Using their weakness for improvising

You can gather information about your competitor’s SEO and digital marketing campaigns which will give you an idea about their way of working. This is how you can spot their weaknesses and utilize them for your betterment.

For example, if your competitor has negative reviews which are coming in the way of ranking them at the local top 3 pack you can take the hint and step up your game at local SEO. Make sure you cover all the social media platforms especially those where your competitor is not present. Make sure to step up where ever your competitor is weak at, this will make sure you get faster results and reduced competition.

5. Strategies to avoid

It is wise to go right ahead and copy your competitor’s strategies. You need to identify which one of their strategies are working. You also need to keep tabs and monitor how the strategies have changed. However, to start with making sure that you start on a lower level to see what type of strategies work the best for your brand. This way you will also learn what key strategies you need to avoid.

6. Guest posting and relationship building

Don’t ever neglect the opportunity of working with your competitors, make sure you stay in touch with them even if it is by working with them directly. Offer them a guest post spot on your own website and ask them if they can provide you with one as well. This way you will be able to reach to their traffic and attract more potential customers.

You can also as them to post contents on your behalf on social media and in exchange, you can do the same for them. This increases the likelihood that your content will be seen by more people and shared in various social circles.

When you hear that one of your closest competitors has launched a new SEO campaign, make sure you stay updated with their new strategies learn whatever you can from their strategies so that you can learn from their tactics. You should not let any temporary setbacks obscure you from your visibility.

Getting good reviews for your brand is also equally important. Make sure that your services are such so that your customers can give you positive reviews. This can highly impact the rankings of your page and prepare you for better results. If you are puzzled on how you can improve your ranking getting in touch with an SEO company will really help.

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