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6 Ways To Ace Social Media Marketing In 2020 And Beyond

We live in a world where everyone is constantly online which helps them to stay updated about the prevailing as well as upcoming trends. So why not use that platform to effectively market and promote your brand? The number of people that use social media is increasing day by day. The trends at social media, however, are ever-changing. So, it is very important to make your social media marketing strategy is ever-evolving to match up with the current trends.

There was a time when social media was simply for sharing videos and images. However, with the changing times, it can be used in so many different ways to reach out to the audience and potential customers. In this blog, we have comprised some of the fool-proof social media marketing strategies and how you can ace at social media marketing strategies in 2020 and beyond.

1. Pay attention to creating videos

Social media audience loves videos and they have a comparatively high impact on the user’s mind. Videos are well-retained by the customers as they are self-explanatory and engaging. Make sure you convey the message effectively and the video must be engaging enough for the audience to like it. You can also consider going live from your social media account and show your audience some behind the scenes of product launch and help your users to catch up more with your brand.

One-to-one communication videos seem to be in trend these days. These videos give a personalized touch to them to the audience and make them feel more connected. This can help you to build a community of loyal followers. Visual content can also be used to promote online shopping. With the era of videos getting viral marketers will be able to sync social media videos with their marketing strategy.

2. The rise in the trend of VR

With endless opportunities and ideas to create and engage customers- one among these current trends is VR ( virtual reality). Virtual reality can be used very effectively to bring life to a faraway even by adding unimaginable layers of in-depth real-life experiences. With social platforms pushing features like FB’s Oculus Rift Glasses, Snapchat’s Geofilters, and Lens or Amazon helping users try on clothes virtually, marketers will embrace these features to entertain and engage their audience and boost their advertising revenue.

3. Social recommendations are important

Social media marketing 2020

Today’s customers largely rely upon social reviews and information available online. A survey reported that 84% of people research online reviews and recommendations before buying any product or service. So while you are busy marketing your products and service on social media, it is important to pay attention to the likes, shares and mentions, etc. It is important to identify the popularity of your product. Thus, the only way your product can gain popularity is by the rise in the number of social recommendations it gets. A lot of people turn to the social media of a particular brand before they go ahead and decide to purchase it.

4. Provide with a call-to-action button

The next most crucial thing to include in your social media is to provide the customer with a call-to-action. This makes sure that the customer has a super easy and convenient shopping experience. The bit-buy button will allow the customer to complete their shopping easily. However, when a customer clicks on the ‘ buy now’ icon he/she should be directly navigated to your website or app. Calling for innovations in 2020 this need can be eliminated with the use of innovative technologies.

5. Step up your sell game

Investing in gaming apps for advertising purposes seems to be new things. A lot of brands these days have invested in such offline ads where the ad pops up while the user is using some other online apps. Smartphone gaming apps such as Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush are a really great catch for marketers who want to reach a huge group of the audience between the age 20-44.

6. Unique and quality content

With the growth in digital marketing and social media marketing, the need for unique as well as quality content has become constant. It is important that customized content that is unique to the brand should be published on the various social media platforms. The more data relevant to your brand is available on the internet the easier it is for your customers to establish trust in your brand. Most social media platforms are already customizing their interface based upon the likes and shares of the user. Relevant posts and ads based upon the likes of users are shown on the feed which is how users can come across your profile.

Apart from all of this, it is important to connect with the audience that might be the most interested in your business niche. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be used to cater to a mass audience but platforms like LinkedIn can be used to connect with a specific target audience. Now that you are well aware of the trends that will be prevailing in the future social marketing era, be sure that you are all geared up for the future.

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