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How To Use Customer Reviews And Ratings For SEO?

Well, we all have done detailed surveys and read the reviews of any product before we go ahead and buy it. Social proof is something that influences our buying decisions. Client reviews and ratings are one of the prominent reasons people consider buying a product. If you are someone who runs an online store you might know how important it is to have good ratings for your store. An effective social proof can also help you to get a clear idea regarding your SEO ranking.

It has been tried and tested that companies attained higher SEO ranking by making the use of positive reviews and feedback from customers. Customers are likely to spend more on a business with convincing reviews and higher ratings. It is basic consumer nature that they take quicker positive actions only after having a positive impression of a brand.

With the constant change in Google’s ranking factors- it is also observed that brands are focusing more on unique and quality content. Relevancy and social presence are also equally important. This is why reviews cannot be ignored when it comes to SEO and digital marketing.

Obtaining Google organic stars

Along with having reviews, it is important to have Google organic stars so that they can help your website to stand out in search listings. These stars have been proven to increase click-through rate by up to 30% according to search engine land. While hosting third-party reviews on your website, it should be marked up with the correct code that helps the algorithms to return to more informative results about the website.

Google favours high rated sites

Google takes into consideration the websites which have a high rating. This means that it is not only about adding reviews to your website but you should also focus on how to improve them and also take them under consideration. Your website should have at least 30 unique reviews during the past year. This makes sure that the average rating of your website is 3.5 or higher. These star ratings will lead to an increase in conversion rate.

Improved ranking for products

As more and more people start searching for the reviews of your products there will be more possible that the product will rank higher in SERPS. This, as a result, will increase the chances of more people coming across your product while browsing. This is hand down the most relevant and appropriate way of connecting to your potential customers.

It is important to know how to make the most out of your reviews?

To start it all, you should have a strategy for your brand. You should make sure that you encourage new reviews for your website. There are many ways to attract new reviews- through e-mails or social media make sure that you keep reminding your customers that their reviews are always welcome. Once your website/product has gained enough reviews but it is also important to take these reviews into consideration and improvise if needed.

This can also be done by communication with the customer support so that you can have an idea of what your customers need so that it can ultimately be helpful to change things a bit. Another way to motivate customers to provide reviews is by providing rewards in exchange for their reviews. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it.

Make sure that you know the right time and right place to ask for reviews. Don’t spam your customer. Also, make sure you are targeting the right audience to ask for reviews. You can not go ahead and ask for reviews to a mass of customers who have just shopped once from your website. You can use snippets of your product reviews which can help your website to be recognized by Google and help it to reach to maximum potential users.

Replying to reviews is also an effective way to communicate with your customers. Even if a customer is mad at you and has left a negative review it is important to reply to that review as well. Always make sure that you apologize to a disappointed customer and be ready to help if possible. Don’t forget social media reviews. A large crowd of customers comes from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and other social media apps.

Use the keyword keenly

As any customer leaves a review for your product, the natural language used by them is likely to be the language used by any layman. Thus, these appraisals can result in increasing your online rankings. If they are appraising some product at that point you can wager that they will use some familiar phrase that customers are likely to use it while browsing.

Wrapping it up

The fact that Google review can be used to increase SEO rankings is really sufficiently genuine. It is also noticed that Google rankings are based on the reviews provided by the customers. Thus, reviews play a vital role in making or breaking your SEO ranking.

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