User interaction with the online platform of news and media

The website of news can be intriguing to examine from the designing perspective. Doesn’t matter the exact type of news that any outlet cover, everyone faces the challenges of handling a bulk amount of content on the homepage as it creates a complex of layout, perplexing usability and user-navigation challenges for the designer

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Understanding the purpose

The goal is to build a website that allows one to quickly publish the content with a clear perspective while providing a strong search engine optimisation structure to build an organic audience both regionally and nationally. Many use WordPress as their foundation for its project and clients.

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Socio-technical advantages that one gets with the use of online platform media:

  • No costs
  • Multitasking
  • Multiple news channels
  • 24/7 updates
  • Customised option and sharing options

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Why a Sustainable Platform for News Media Is a Necessity

The need of online news media on its medium has witnessed the growth over the years on multiple platforms from radio, television, magazine and every other media has gone through a sustainable decline in the rate of audience. User engagement is defined as a qualitative user experience incorporating the technology and through the considerable construct of exploring the social interactions with the reliability of the online news.

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Our News Website Development Process

Clickmatix: your first stop to developing news media website

Clickmatix develops features like selecting articles that are recommended by/for readers, links within the stories and examining the comments of their readers using the experience on the website that is more engaging. From clear navigation, secured hosting, social media integration, spaces, grid, visual hierarchy- we handle all!

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