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Learn How To Grow Your Plumbing Business With SEO

SEO is possibly the most spoken about topic in the world of digital marketing today. Search Engine Optimization has been the crux of every digital marketing strategy, with the ability to bring brands from the last page to the top 10 ranks on Google SERPs. 

Whether it be a small business or a well-set corporation, we’ve observed that SEO is capable of helping brands build their domain authority over some time. Since the entirety of the process is organic, the brand’s growth remains consistent and gives the scope of building loyalty amongst the customers that land up on the website. 

SEO for Plumbers

Reasons why SEO is important for your plumbing business

The curious question that arises in the minds of every business before setting up a digital marketing strategy is, “Does my business need an SEO-based strategy? What if I don’t want to grow as much? Moreover, is a plumbing business the right fit for an SEO-based marketing campaign?” 

Although you might hold quite a few queries in your head, you need to look at it from a non-biased point of view. It’s only natural to be overwhelmed when you’re planning to introduce a concept unto your business that you’ve never worked with before, which is why we’ve listed down the reasons why it can help you benefit as a plumbing business:

  • SEO campaigns are built at the heart of efficiency and effective marketing. If you want to rise against your competitors, you need to work with strategies that are capable of breaking through the competitive barriers that have been established in the plumbing industry. Through data analytics and keyword research, we’re able to help you understand everything your competitors are doing right and what your business could do better.

  • Once you manage to land your website on the top of Google SERPs, you might begin to feel like that is the end of the growth of your plumbing business digitally. However, the benefit of SEO is that it allows you to sustain your growth over time. There’s always going to be competition and once you’re at the top of the table, every competitor’s eyes are going to be on you. This is essentially why it’s extremely important for you as a business to be able to sustain your position. 

Understand the process of growing your plumbing business with SEO

Surely, you’ve understood the importance of following a digital marketing strategy for your plumbing business by now. However, before you hire a company to give you the services you need, you must educate yourself on the different ways in which you can apply a digital marketing strategy for your business. From the kind of budget you should be opting for, to the crux of your marketing strategy, we’ve built this article to help you find the path that benefits you on your journey in the world of digital marketing. 

Setting up a budget

Before you invest, you need to know the amount of money you’re willing to go in with. If you dive in without a budget in mind, your business will end up suffering since you might perform more harm than good.

The key to setting up a successful budget plan for your business is by understanding your market. As a plumbing business, you must be well aware of the cost-efficiency of your industry. Not only is it important to keep the profits you gain by the end of the month in mind, but you should also set up a budget that isn’t too heavy on your pocket at the end of the month. After all, what’s the use of setting up a digital marketing budget that’ll leave you with no money in your pocket?

To work with a flawless SEO strategy with a strong enough budget, you, as a business, need to decide what your marketing strategy should comprise of. Do you want to opt for paid ads on Google and Facebook? Will you complement the ads further with the help of a PPC campaign? Or are you hoping to go for an organic SEO-centric approach? 

Either way, the most important part about setting up your budget is that you need to build a strategy that can help you get leads. The key is to hire a digital marketing agency that has worked with SEO for plumbers before. Once you’re able to communicate your concerns regarding the digital marketing strategy that you want to opt for, it can be easier to walk through the budgeting plan. 

Local SEO for Plumbers

Local SEO

For plumbing businesses, the most crucial part of a digital marketing strategy is to be able to target the local market. Since plumbing is a part of the service industry, local marketing is considered to be the focal point of a strategy. It’s not an eCommerce business that can continue to sell all their products online and over the world – plumbing is about building your authority over your competitors in the locality.

Think about it yourself – As a plumbing business, your goal is to be at the top of Google searches when a customer types in “plumbers near me.” Your Google My Business page should be the most recommended option in your locality and to make this happen, local SEO should be the centre of your strategy.

Through content marketing strategies that allow you to place the name of the city or locality of your business in your webpages and blogs, Google map optimization for rankings on the search of ‘plumbers near me,’ and targeting one city at a time, the local growth of your business will be consistent and impactful. 

Create solution-based content

Content is the most important part of a business’ success and plumbing is no exception. While trying to grow your plumbing business organically, it’s important to remember that your business needs to give the audience engaging content to drive them to your website. 

When we speak about organic growth, the strategies of your growth is reliant exclusively on the kind of content you’re able to present to your niche. To rank on Google, you need to be engaging. However, if you’re a business that is currently unrecognised by their audience, you need to come up with solutions that’ll help your business grow to be more noticeable. 

As a business that’s trying to get discovered, you need to think outside the box and create content that will get you in the eyes of your audience. For example, a plumbing company like yours can try to put out solutions to the problems of potential customers. We’ve listed down a few examples of the problems that customers face concerning plumbing:

Dripping faucets Content can be built with the problems that might have led to a dripping faucet whilst also offering the solution to it. Generally, it’s recommended to offer a DIY solution as and when you can to ensure that the customer finds your information both reliable and problem-solving.

Questions related to “how do I know I need to call a plumber – Many a time, customers are wary of spending their money over either a faulty water heater or a clogged drain. These are all problems that they would rather end up solving themselves. Due to this exact problem, most of your customers won’t know when they need to reach out to you. Building strong content is a journey and it’s always better to work with a conflicting topic to truly provide the consumer with a beneficial solution. 

Call to action’s can make or break your business

If you’ve been running your company for a while now, you might be well aware of the fact that CTA’s are considered to be a crucial part of your business’ success. We can easily explain the need for an adequate CTA with the help of an example –

Consider yourself to be the user. You have a plumbing problem and you’ve come across a company’s website that seems like a reliable option. However, once you open up their webpage and try to look for their phone number or email address, you see that it’s nowhere to be found! As a user that has never hired this company, you’re bound to be both sceptical and impatient, leaving you with the final solution of exiting this website and moving on to find another company. 

While you as a customer lost hope in the company almost immediately, the business itself lost a customer that could’ve grown to be loyal over time. This could’ve been avoided if they had a well-built CTA. A few examples of well-done CTA’s are:

  • Placing the number and email address of your business at the top of your webpage – this allows the user to access your details immediately. 
  • Leaving the contact details of your company amid content. 
  • Providing CTA’s for eBooks, brochures and more through ads. 


Worried about backlinks? Build your own!

We earlier spoke about the need for building powerful content. However, it is equally important to try to link your content to other articles, bloggers, and influencers for optimum recognition. Although you might not consider it to be an important part of the SEO strategy for a plumbing business, backlinks allow you to create brand awareness and credibility through means that are beyond paid tactics. However, you don’t need to limit your links to external sources. 

Internal backlinking allows you to connect different articles and webpages of your brand, which helps in increasing the average CTR of your website. Think of it this way – you build one major topic of concern (such as ‘The top 10 most common plumbing errors and how you can fix them’), which further links to different blogs on each of the mentioned plumbing errors. The idea is to interlink everything you post, which can only be done with the help of a well-built digital marketing strategy that focuses on SEO through content marketing. 

Understand the guidelines of SEO for plumbing companies

To build your company’s image, you need to establish your business according to the guidelines that have been provided by Google. There is no doubt that Google runs the search engine industry and due to this, they take their algorithms very seriously. There’s no room for error and even a single mistake is capable of harming your website’s ranking and presence on Google.

Google performs algorithmic updates annually with several minor changes occurring throughout the year. With different experiences over the years with relation to digital marketing services, Google has managed to build a list of prohibited practices concerning SEO for different businesses to follow over time. 

By canceling out the use of Black Hat SEO and keyword stuffing, Google uses its search database as the hub of all queries that users might have. For this, they believe in providing factual information, entertaining blogs and articles, and representing companies that they believe are working towards better user experience. 

It’s not about simply pouring in the keywords of your field amidst the content, it’s about building a reputation and a healthy relationship with both your customers and the search engine that runs the internet. Once you’ve managed to acquire both, none are capable of stopping your growth.

Choosing the right digital marketing agency for your business

Choosing the right digital marketing agency can be confusing. After all, there are quite a few agencies that might be tempting you intending to land you at the top of Google SERPs. However, the only real way that you can distinguish a money-making agency from a genuine one is by looking over the clients that they’ve worked with before. 

At Clickmatix, we’ve always believed in providing complete transparency with all our clients in the work we do, which allows us to build beneficial results and relationships in the long run. To know more about how we’ve built leads, sales and revenue for businesses before you, you can check out our case studies with prior/current clients. 

Following through with SEO tactics that are bound to give you the results you need, we are the agency you need. 

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