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What Should You Consider Before Hiring An SEO Company?

Digital marketing is no foreign concept to businesses today. With practically every business holding a social media presence in modern times, the competitive market is thriving amid digital marketing. However, in this particular article, we will be targeting a specific specialisation of digital marketing – SEO.

Search engine optimization is the crux of every digital marketing strategy. If your digital marketing agency does not offer SEO services, your marketing strategy is bound to give you unsatisfactory results. 

An SEO-based company is capable of understanding and targeting user-intent, customer behaviour, keyword research, competitive research, content and influencer marketing and much more. For this reason, it’s important to hold a few points of consideration before you invest in a digital marketing agency.

  • Will they give you the results you need and not just the results you want?

To judge how efficient a digital marketing agency is, it’s important to understand the way they work. 

Let’s take it this way – if you, as a business owner, approach a digital marketing agency to rank at the top of Google SERPs within a month, the agency must be able to confront you on the unrealistic notion of your goals. Not only that, but they should also be able to break down the time, budget and promotion plan that it will take to help you reach your goal.

Getting to the top of Google SERPs is a journey that takes time and the implementation of several strategies. Surely, SEO is the way to get there but what part of it? Do you follow content marketing strategies alongside social media marketing? Or do you complement an SEO strategy with a marketing automation strategy to get you in the hearts of your customers?

The right digital marketing agency will be able to give you the answers that you have, easily and with an effective plan in mind.

  • Does the agency you want to hire follow Google’s search engine guidelines?

Google is the leading search engine in the industry, without a doubt. Due to this, Google leads the search engine guidelines over all the digital marketing content that is put out on the internet. If a company fails to follow through with the guidelines, not only could it hamper their position on the search engine ladder, but it could also lead to further problems with their digital presence. 

To avoid reaching such a stage, your company must find an Australian SEO company that follows all the search engine guidelines that have been provided by Google. It isn’t as simple as a one-time procedure – Google makes algorithmic changes annually with manual updates on the changes made throughout the year. 

You need to hire the top SEO company in Australia to make sure that your ranking on Google is never at risk solely due to the incompetence of the agency for being able to keep up with an algorithmic update.

  • Are they willing to work on web design and development?

As we mentioned earlier, SEO isn’t just about working on a content marketing strategy or a social media marketing strategy. Search engine optimization is beyond what meets the eye. Chances are, your website’s design, content and coding need to be changed up for the implementation of an SEO-based strategy. 

For this reason, the SEO agency that you hire needs to be willing to work with you on website development and design, depending on how well developed your business is. If you’re a startup or an entrepreneurship, chances are you haven’t considered working on a website so far. However, if you’re a well-established company, you might already have a website. 

Depending on whether or not you have a website for your business, the SEO company that you hire must be able to work on both web design and development, depending on your requirements. An amateur will not be able to take over your business’ development. 

  • Is the SEO company willing to work with local search?

For consistent organic growth, the digital marketing agency that you hire will speak up to you about the importance of local growth. Without growing your business in the local market, there’s essentially no point in reaching a global audience. 

By targeting a local audience, you will be able to rise against your local competitors first, allowing you to take advantage of constant growth. To rise to the top, it’s important to cater to one audience at a time. 

Beginning from a simple locality to a city, followed by a state and then a country – SEO based strategies need to be implemented through consistent organic growth. Organic growth might seem to be more difficult to counter, but it’s the only way of ensuring that your brand’s image grows. Your Local SEO company should be willing to go through the process, one step at a time. 

  • Don’t forget to track your progress

The final step to your success in hiring a digital marketing agency is to hire a company that allows you to track your progress and alter your vision for the better. 

Data analytics are the most important part of SEO. Through Google’s database, businesses can keep track of what exactly is working for them as well as what isn’t. This allows you to know the breakdown of your budget – letting you know the budget cuts you could perform on your marketing strategy. 

Always remember that the first few months of your digital marketing strategy’s implementation are experimental – making them essentially experimental. Trial and errors are common which are why it’s important to always keep track of the progress that your business has made. 

Now that you know, it’s time to hire an SEO company that can help

Once you’ve understood the necessities that you need to look at while hiring a digital marketing agency, you can go forth and hire the digital marketing agency of your dreams. If you’re able to keep all these points in mind, you might even begin to realise that you’re already on the page of the SEO company that you want to hire!

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