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What is Google Adwords?

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Have you ever seen an ad on your screen while searching for something on Google? This is what is known as Google Adwords! Basically, it is Google’s own advertising service that allows you to place search results for your website on a search engine results page by simply paying them! While, by using this Adwords management services, you can get quantifiable results within a short span of time!

Google Adwords also attracts more customers whether you are to bring up a new website or looking forward to growing online sales or keep the phones ringing! With the help of the Google Adwords, you can reach the right people at the right time.

If you are a business owner then you can reach audiences through advertisement locally or globally depending upon your target audience. While signing up of the Google ads is also free and you have to pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your website!

Moreover, we as a PPC company in Melbourne can help you make a Google Adwords for your website as Clickmatix is a Google qualified company!

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Case Study

Baby Direct

Baby Direct

Search Traffic Increased by 110.18%

STT Advertising

STT Advertising

Search Traffic Increased by 114.16 %

Kings Warehouse

Kings Warehouse

Search Traffic Increased by 394.89 %

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We have a team of experts that will help you in making the type of Google ad for your Business!

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    It is the ad that appears next to Google search results whenever people search for products and services you offer!


    Display ads can appear on over two million websites and in more than 650,000 apps! This is the easiest way to show up your ad to every audience around the world! Moreover, these ads can be displayed in many more way like the text, banner, Gmail, or apps!


    As the name suggests, video ads can be displayed on videos! These type of ads can only be shown to the people you want and only pay when they watch.


    Last but not the least is the universal app campaigns that help you promote your smartphone app to billions of users across Google!

Basic Principles of Google Adwords

There are many pays per click agencies out there that use Google Adwords for advertising on the web. Today, Adwords is one of the most popular PPC marketing methods that work on some of these basic principles.


Advertisers of Google Adwords users need to place their ads in auctions! Yes, you heard it right! These auctions are run by Google itself, to find ads that show up when someone searches on Google!

Before placing an ad in the auction you first need to choose a bidding strategy that depends on your objective. While there is another cost-per-click strategy where you need to focus on getting clicks on your ads. This is suitable for those who wish to build traffic on their website!


It is the relevance and quality of your ad that Google measures to see if your ad is really useful to the customer! While clicking on it takes them to that page that they are looking for! It is better for your business if the quality score is higher!

However, the factors on which this score depends upon certain factors that include account performance, the relevance of ad, click-through-rate or CTR or ad and performance.

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We Possibly Make you Shine on Every Possible Media

As an expert in the field of PPC management in Australia, we as a company would help your enterprise grow! All you need to do is make a Google Ad with us and we will surely make it shine on every possible media!

We would help you display text or graphic based ad to reach your potential customers. We would also help you in creating bidding strategies before placing your ad in an auction.

Clickmatix: Best PPC Agency in Melbourne

We, as a company has vast knowledge on running a successful PPC campaign that is lead by our team of search engine marketing experts. We are also Google partners and provide professional services to all sorts of businesses.

Moreover, we do local market research and take time to understand the type of your business, your competitors, your customers and their search patterns for a successful PPC campaign. We would also use advanced tools to analyze your consumer’s needs.

As We Create The Best Google Ads In Town

We will bring in the flow of quality visitors that you need for a perfectly optimized landing page to convert your visitors into customers. As an expert in PPC services in Australia, we are specialized in creating custom landing pages that tend your visitors to stay on your website to make businesses with you!

Further, with our PPC services, Clickmatix can reach out to clients who are interested in your product or services that you offer. Thus helping you in giving a bigger chance of generating more leads and making more sales.

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