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How Can AI Become a Catalyst For Your PPC Campaigns?

Artificial Intelligence is the talk of the town now!

When it comes to the PPC world, AI is topical nowadays. A myriad of organizations as well as small and large agencies are coming up with their personalized AI and machine learning tools.

Some of them are even so amazing that you can’t just afford to miss them. Further, the scenario of AI’s impact on various industries is going to be even interesting in the future.

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The online marketers have stated that Google is controlling 40.7% of the US’ ad market followed by Facebook which is covering 19%. Both of these platforms can have the same grip while actively incorporating AI into their systems.

However, as per the current situation, a gigantic section of the budget is getting constantly directed towards digital media. Thus, the PPC auction is turning to be more competitive. It is altogether making the digital world a pretty tough one. Here, AI could be the right solution.

In fact, the famous ebook which got published with the title of ‘Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Analytics and Artificial Intelligence’ is about all the information that you need to know about AI’s impact on marketing along with analytics, earned, owned, and paid media.

Artificial Intelligence is really playing a tremendous role here. Technological advancements are happening in a matter of days instead of years now. So, it seems like Moore’s law is coming to an end.

In this piece of writing, you will get a comprehensive idea of how AI can boost up your PPC campaigns.

What do the statistics reveal about AI’s impact on PPC?

A survey has been conducted by Acquisio which recently on how artificial intelligence is skyrocketing PPC. And the outstanding results are:

  • 10% decrease in terms of CPC
  • 18% decrease in CPA
  • 8% increase in clicks
  • 22% increase in conversions.

Moreover, when it comes to the larger platforms like Trivago, Hulu Japan, and Credit Karma, they have seen an amazing improvement in conversion rates by 36%, 37%, and 37% respectively while using the ‘Smart Display’ feature, a native artificial intelligence Adwords optimization platform of Google.

Thus, the above data clearly indicates that AI-powered Adwords are far better than regular Adowrds in PPC.

Noted benefits of implementing AI-based PPC

  • Social campaign measurement
  • Hyper Dynamic Targeting
  • Cross social optimization
  • Autonomous A/B testing
  • Dynamic bidding automation
  • Cross social network distribution etc.

So, Artificial intelligence has definitely come as a blessing for PPC marketers. Now, let’s take a deeper dive into this concept.

How is AI making the PPC world better?

AI-based systems have always been at the top of any marketer’s list. This rapidly growing technology is becoming more intelligent with each passing day and eliminating various major constraints like human knowledge. A yet another fantastic aspect of Artificial Intelligence which is standing out is reinforcement learning.

It is actually a system that makes use of huge computers to process a string of multiple stimulations until it reaches a fantastic outcome. The expert marketers can integrate this practice into PPC as Google is able to understand the win/lose combinations of Adwords and boost up the entire process of automation.

According to Google’s findings, consumers who come across various ads through AI-driven Google ads are 155% more likely to explore about that specific brand.

What is the level of exponential growth happening in PPC?

We are in that level of PPC automation now where technology has become so smart that humans and computers are almost able to play the same role.

But, the pace in which technology is getting improved with each passing day ensures that machines are going to leave humans far behind in the next five years.

Moreover, the tools which you’ve used for managing Adwords some years ago might not be the same ones that make sense for handling Adwords scripts today.

How is artificial intelligence shaping up PPC?

The above pictorial demonstration depicts various stages of how AI is satisfying the urge of PPC marketers to rely on a far more advanced system. Below is an extensive elaboration of these phases for your better insight:

  • Manual PPC

It is the most initial stage of PPC in which everything happens manually. The PPC marketers maintain all the inputs by humans in spreadsheets.

  • Automated Monitoring

It is the time when Artificial Intelligence tracks the progress and notify the marketers. However, it doesn’t take any immediately automatic action if abnormalities are identified more than a set percentile in the metrics.

  • Multiple levels of automation

This stage is all about AI handling various tasks at a time and understanding the relationship that exists between different components. There are multiple activities that Artificial Intelligence manages like bidding and budget, automatic allocation and identifying the occasions when a huge number of bids are raised, and finally adjusting the budgets as per the performing level of various campaigns.

  • Complete Automation

Artificial Intelligence needs human intervention very rarely. PPC marketers can just take care of a few things like keeping ads under strict bounds, defining campaign goals like CPA targets, and total budget.

And let AI take care of the rest! An Artificial Intelligence-based system is able to perform only the activities like bidding, budgeting, keywords, ads that it is allowed to do.

  • Ultimate Automation

This level of PPC is blessed with extremely advanced AI and different other cognitive abilities. Artificial Intelligence accomplishes the smartest tasks here which further allow businesses to grow tremendously and marketers touch the heights of success.

Artificial Intelligence and PPC Intelligence: An ultimate duo for marketers!

Check out some significant strategies of artificial intelligence which are taking PPC campaigns up to the next level.

Boosting up symbolic representations in PPC intelligence

It’s been many years that AI evolved in such a smart way that it included various symbolic systems that could help it take a number of shortcuts as humans do. The problems were framed in human-readable forms and it was also believed that machines could make sensible deductions.

However, here lies the major PPC issue: You are thinking to add a new keyword but you aren’t aware of the right bid to use it because of the lack of historical data.

Now, with the arrival of AI, you can teach this technology the automated concepts of campaigns and keywords and the interrelation between them. In this way, you can make use of the same heuristics as what you use when it comes to reasonable guesses.

So, the system is now able to mechanize bid management and even set the same bid to other keywords in the campaign. It’s because the system knows that campaigns comprise of such keywords which are somewhat common.

Expanding keyword in PPC intelligence

If there is no use of high-end tools, the number of keywords and phrases to be attempted in a PPC campaign must be kept less in number. In fact, when the effective tools are doing their job, integrated AI can still continue to have the edge because it doesn’t include any cognitive bias or constraints of any human intervention to explore and examine new terms. Also, Artificial intelligence is able to continue with the tasks on a constant basis while moving instantly with consumer trends and competitor activities.

Accentuating statistical learning methods in PPC intelligence

PPC intelligence is all about the type of artificial intelligence which is responsible for such a huge success of PPC today. It is based on statistics and machine learning to categorize various things.

For instance, you can consider the example of the Quality Score (QS) as a perfect one. Google takes a glance at historical click behaviour from users and makes use of machine learning to figure out correlations which can let you predict the likeliness of a click or conversion.

If you are able to get a score for how much possible it is that each one of the searches will convert into a conversion, the automated bidding products like the ones which are offered inside Adwords can ‘think’ through various dimensions (geo-location, daily hours, audience, or device) which might, in turn, cause a great impact on the possibility of the conversion when compared to a person.

Moreover, these systems can even consider various interactions across the dimensions without getting hyped by the combinatorial nature of the problem, all thanks to the hugely enhancing computer power nowadays.

Improving programmed rules in PPC intelligence

PPC intelligence has come up as one of the smartest concepts recently but Artificial Intelligence was having an impact on the research field since 1956.

During that time, it was possible for us to let machine appear ‘intelligent’ while programming it in such a way to deliver the right answers for a huge number of scenarios. But, AI, in that form, was too restricted as it wasn’t able to deal with invariable edge cases of the real world.

When it comes to PPC, this is similar to using PPC Automation Rules for writing rules of every possible scenario that an account might come across. Rules seem to be great when it comes to covering most of the use cases but in the practical world, it is not possible to write rules for every possible condition.

How can PPC marketers be successful with AI in their stories?

In the future, it is pretty important for PPC professionals to follow these cardinal rules while keeping the impact of artificial intelligence in mind.

Read on

  • Curate such business plans which can make use of AI up to an optimal level to attain the best results.
  • Get accustomed to the new roles which are dedicated to humans in an AI-based PPC marketing scenario.
  • Make sure you are sticking to the latest advancements in AI. Thus, this technology will grab the best opportunities and get you fantastic PPC results.

How to create your own PPC intelligence?

You can find many tools out there which can automate your PPC campaign completely. Also, there are multiple third-party vendors that use AI and ML to provide better recommendations.

On the other hand, there exist also some absolutely free tools from Adwords which have become smarter with each passing day. It has happened because of the advances in AI that took place recently.

A few of the areas where the AI has caused a significant development are Portfolio Bid Strategy, Optimized Ad Rotation, Custom Intent Audiences, etc.

If you desire to connect your own business data to Adwords and AI, you can opt for prototyping solutions with Adwords Scripts. They can offer a huge extent of customizability without the need of a lot of engineering resources.

Finally, the simple scripts that you write come under the weakest AI category. In such a scenario, PPC intelligence is acquired with the help of some stable and integral rules.

But, if you go ahead and think in a bit smarter way when it comes to your scripting ability, it’s smart to use Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine. It improves your own automation with various machine learning techniques.

One of the biggest advantages of using this kind of smart technology is that there is no need to learn many different models.

AI in PPC management: What do the experts have to say?

According to the experts of Grazitti Interactive, the role of artificial intelligence in PPC management is becoming even more important with each passing day. The PPC marketers are embracing this new and innovative technology with open arms. On the other hand, they further believe that PPC marketers need to be watchful and clearly understand how various systems that they are investing in are working. Otherwise, it could be very easy to take a wrong decision, thanks to all the hype regarding AI and ML existing now.

The experts further mentioned that the PPC marketers’ desire to use AI technology will totally diminish if there’s no transparency and openness when it comes to creating a clear framework and analyzing the certain distinct level of automation in PPC.

Over to You

Artificial Intelligence is certainly playing a major role in PPC. In fact, if you want to be a successful PPC marketer in such a world which is having AI as an integral part of it, you need to keep a few important things in your mind.

They are nothing but being ready for unique roles that humans would otherwise play, to craft a plan for your business which comprises of the best processes to make use of AI, and understanding the technology in a better way so that you can identify the opportunities soon.

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