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Modern Technologies That Can Boost Lead Conversion!


For how long you are planning to stick with promotional strategies only? Of course, SEO, social media marketing, digital marketing, etc., are as necessary as creating a product itself, but is this it?

What about upgrading technology?

Oh no, I am not talking about upgrading your existing product or services, you already do that on a regular basis. I am talking about upgrading technology of your marketing techniques.

In this rapidly growing world, where users are turning to comfort as far as possible, sticking with marketing techniques only, to get leads, will surely end you up in traditional loop whereas your competitors make their way to lazy customers with modern technologies.

Yes, modern technologies…..

Lead conversion is not limited to marketing only; it has expanded to modern technologies opening invitation gates for the targeted audience with a promise to convert them into your customers.

Today, we will talk about some modern technologies. Why and how you must integrate them with your marketing system to increase your lead conversion?

1. Chatbots

In layman terms, chatbots are conversational robots. With the robot, I don’t mean those big robots having metal bodies. Robots are also software applications, similar to mobile apps, talking to humans online like a real person.

Chatbots works with the same technology used by virtual assistants like Google Now or Alexa. Say it like Chatbots respond to your conversation the same way Google responds to your search queries.

Chatbots For Website

The basic reason why you need Chatbots on your site is to immediately respond to users rather than making them wait till the support person comes online. Users jump on other sites if they have to wait more than a few seconds. They are curious users looking for solution to their problem as soon as possible. Quick response calms down their curiosity, triggers positive feelings and build trust among them.


Chatbots for Social Media Networks

Customers are available more on social media networks than your website. Naturally, this is where your brand needs utmost presence.

Chatbots have far more possibilities than your imagination. Out of your website, it helps your brand engage with customers through social media networks too.

The most famous brand Unilever used Chatbots to spread brand awareness of its new tea product named PG Tips using a Mascot. The key aim of Chatbot is to give a tea break to users with a laugh, raise brand awareness and getting a donation for a charity named Comic Relief.

They introduced a monkey on Facebook Messenger who was talking to consumers and was sending jokes on a daily basis.


“Chat bots allow us to build entertaining personas and for this particular campaign, we were able to bring Monkey to life to generate 1m laughs with his jokes and bring joy to people’s tea breaks, while raising awareness of this important charity too.” said Dean Withey, CEO of Ubisend.

Chat bots spread presence of your brand on all social media networks. It reduces burden from social media marketers who constantly worry about being there whenever customers need them.

2. Voice Search Enabled SEO

Thanks to voice search for adding another layer of comfort – saving time and physical effort – for users as they no longer have to type for search. Now their voice is enough to perform search and ask queries. And it turns to another challenging situation for marketers.


Now your focus should be more on how users’ talk instead of how they type. There is a vast difference.

  • In 2017, there were 33 million voice search devices
  • 40% of Adults use voice search every day
  • Google’s voice search received 35 times more queries in 2016 as compared to 2008.

Data signifies that it’s time to optimize your SEO for users’ voice search. In other terms, its called voice search enabled SEO.

4 Ways to Enable Voice Search SEO

  1. Featured Snippet: As you know Google voice reads snippets when users’ ask queries, so this should be your first target. Create content that answers users’ common queries in simple and short terms.
  2. Local SEO: To find anything, users simply say it like “salon near me”. Optimize your SEO for local searches to gain leads from nearby users.
  3. Web Speed: Voice search only considers sites taking least time to answer users’ queries. Make sure your site appears on the list.
  4. Conversational Nature: Because of the voice feature, users’ speak in conversational tone to search engines. Of course, search engines will also reply in conversation tone. Conversational content and SEO win here.

3. AI Based Sales Assistance

“Google has employed an artificial intelligence nicknamed RankBrain to manage approximately 15% of the volume of search queries.”

Artificial Intelligence is a computer system – substitute of humans – which thinks and works like human brains to solve problems. As I said earlier, users want immediate solution to their problems. In those emergency moments, if they won’t find anything from you, you know well about their next stop – your competitors.

No doubt, you have great sales to personally interact with users to solve their problems. But can you assure that nothing is missed?

Nobody can assure that. Online world is a sea where you can’t catch all fishes.

Sales team has a lot to manage including leads, data, possible leads from different networks like social media and much more. I won’t say that Artificial Intelligence can replace humans. But they can take care of each potential leads coming from hoards of networks. Where humans can’t be present at anywhere & at anytime, AI can process 24/7 hours. It will answer your customers like humans and give you data on hand to further approach your client. Additionally, it saves your time which generally wasted behind searching for potential customers.

All in all, missing leads due to absence won’t be an issue with AI. Business growth is also on the table.

4. Modern .JS for Better User Experience

Given the fact that each of your online establishment must be for smartphones, Modern Javascript comes handy for sophisticated user experience.

  • Modern .JS fits everything into a single page application and offers a smooth transition to small screen users.
  • JavaScript based apps take less time to load as compared to others
  • With faster and smoother experience, JavaScript enriches the overall user experience of the app
  • Java Scripts knows well how to simplify complex designs for users

With great user experience, you won’t require to approach users much.

5. Front-End Framework

Lonnie Benney, a web developer, shared his story on using Front-End Framework. He worked on a major car manufacturer project where he built a 3-D brochure using Front-End Framework. That brochure allowed users to see car models from different angles like zoom out or in, parts of the model, changing wheels, etc.

That’s the power of Front-End Framework. It opens real-world doors for users to enter through desk.

Isn’t it what your users want?

A thrilling experience.

If that doesn’t bring leads to you, then I don’t what will?


Never underestimate the power of modern technology. It will take you far ahead from your competitors and closer to your customers. Integrating the above 5 mentioned technologies will take your business to a new height.


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