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Know Everything About Google Partners

“Google Partner Agency is all the noise these days and rightly so”.

Is your ads campaign bleeding you dry? No leads, no conversions? It is time to call in the experts.

And when we say experts, we mean a Google Partner Agency. But why? What separates Partner Agencies like ClickMatix from the rest?

We’ll answer that and other burning questions about Google Partner Agencies below.

Why You Should Choose Only Google Partner Agencies

  • Not Everyone Becomes a Partner

Truthfully, partner agencies aren’t your average joe since the guidelines by Google to get a partner badge are pretty darn strict.

For example, in order to qualify, an agency needs to have a minimum number of Google Adwords Certified professionals in their ranks. Furthermore, it also needs to have a 90-day ad spend of $10,000 across all its managed accounts.

Wait, that’s’ not all.

The manager account linked with the clients also needs to have a 12-month spend activity.

These stringent guidelines and constant scrutiny of the partners to ensure they meet the high standards at all times means you put your business in trusted, certified hands.

  • Stay ahead of the pack with beta features

Google regularly releases new Adwords features for the general public but not before testing it for several months, maybe even a year.

With access to these beta features even before your competition has heard about them, a partner agency is your ace in the deck.

  • You get a dedicated support system

Ever tried to contact your marketing agency or Google for an issue with your AdWords campaign only to hear back after days, maybe weeks, all the while you lost money? Not anymore.

As you already know, partner agencies need dedicated, certified Adwords experts and with access to them, your issues will be solved on a priority basis (it will never get lost in the shuffle).

Furthermore, partner agencies work in tandem with experts at Google. In other words, they have a direct line of communication with Google reps which puts them in a better position to resolve any issue in quick-time (sometimes within hours).

  • Guaranteed results

In order to remain, partners, every agency has to maintain Google’s high standards. That means agencies are duty-bound to employ the most up-to-date and effective strategies to ensure you get the most out of your ad spend.

And one of the reasons they are able to do so is because every agency has to recertify on a regular basis in order to keep themselves up to date with all the latest changes.

Not complying with this means losing their partner badges.

Oh, and helping partner agencies stay up in the game are Google’s own detailed training programs so you know any info being passed on to clients is directly from Google.

What is the Google Partner Agency Program?

The Google Partner Agency Program is designed to help marketing agencies instill trust amongst customers. These are agencies endorsed by Google to deliver a solid ad campaign that makes every dollar count.

And why can they be trusted? In layman terms, they have passed the trial by fire with top-notch results (that badge can only be EARNED not Bought)

Here’s what it takes to become a Google Partner Agency (and why everyone can’t)

Performance: In order to get the badge, an agency needs at least a 70% optimization score. Further, they are also required to maintain continued growth in terms of customer base and ad revenue. Plus, a minimum 12-month ad spend is a must.

Spend: Talking about Ad spend, every agency needs a 90-day ad spend of $20,000 USD across all of their accounts. This gives Google an idea about how big your customer is and how effective the strategies are.

Certification: Not only does an agency need at least 1 Google Ads Certified manager or member with access to the manager account but they also need to constantly update their certifications from Skillshop. The training program is provided by Google itself (that’s how you know.

These certifications can be earned in the following ad categories

  • Search
  • Display
  • Shopping
  • Mobile
  • Video

Google Partner VS Google Premier Partner Agency

Google Partner agency

Did you know that only 3% of existing Google Partners get upgraded to a Google Premier Agency? Don’t take our word, hear it from the horse’s mouth itself.

One of the main criteria for an upgrade to premier partner is having 2+ Google Ads certified admin or member with access to manager account which means you get access to a bigger, more efficient team.

Though Google does not mention any specific numbers in terms of Ad Spend, yearly performance, client base, client retention, etc. the higher these numbers, the better your chances are.  

Furthermore, there are 2 kinds of badges a Premier Partner gets to choose from:

Dynamic badges: These animated badges can be used on websites and any domain that has been added to your profile. Upon hovering over them, these badges display the agency’s name and specialization.

Static badge: These badges display your earned specializations without having to hover over them. Static badges aren’t for your web page but rather printed media and social media pages like the Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

Google partner agency badge

So if you are wondering whether you should go with a Google Partner Agency or a Google Premier Partner Agency, hands down a Premiere agency so you get more leads, better conversions, and increased profits at a nominal cost.

How do you find the right partner?

Confused about how you will find a certified Google Partner? It is easy peasy. You can easily find one on Google Partner Database, a list of all the agencies that meet all guidelines and are endorsed by Google for all your Google ad needs.

 And to help you find the right partners based on your needs i.e. whether you need one for search ads, display ads, shopping ads, etc. there are filters as well.

On a low budget? There are filters to find partner agencies based on budget and location as well.

Note: Not every business with claiming to be Google Partner is a real partner (just having a banner doesn’t tell the whole story). That’s why as a potential client, only choose from Google’s database so you get the best bang for your buck.

Why choose ClickMatix

Simply put:

  • We have served 100+ clients
  • Generated 100k+ leads
  • $50M+ in revenue for clients
  • Have a team of 15 employees
  • 50+ testimonials

To top it all, we became a Premier Partner in 2016 (yes, one of those 3% companies) and have successfully maintained our status as one for 4 years thanks to our custom-made, detailed AdWords strategies.

In fact, in those 4 years, we also became a Bing Ads Accredited Professional agency and a Facebook partner.

So whether you are looking for a campaign with a focus on Search Ads, Retargeting Ads, Facebook Ads, or Bing Ads, we are better placed than most agencies (even those with only  Google Partner status) to ensure you get the most value for your money.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients are saying:

So what are you waiting for? Schedule a call today and let’s kick-start the process.

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