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Know Everything About Google Partners

The Google Partners Program is a free marketing program for advertisers (be it an individual or a Google partner agency), to build their trust and authority over clients. The partnership program comes with a free range of benefits, inclusive of – special events, training, industry research, etc. 

What are the two badges that you can obtain as a Google Partner, and how?

To set up your ad campaigns more easily, you can use Google Partner for access to all the easy details of your ad campaign. Google’s Partner Agency offers you the benefit of two options – the general Partner badge or the Premier Google Partner badge. Depending on the requirements you hold and the ad campaigns you need to set up, you can choose the appropriate fit for your business. 

  • Google Partner Badge: Assigned by Google to those individuals or companies that hold one certified team member in Google Ads with over $10,000 having been spent on ads within 90-days. If you’ve met with all of Google’s performance requirements, you will be able to receive a Google Partner badge.
  • Google Premier Partner Badge: A much harder badge to obtain, the Google Premier Partner badge is given out to those that hold a minimum of two Google certified members in their team and have met a higher ad spend requirement, depending on the respective company and its market. The badge can be received once Google’s performance requirements have been met.

What are the specialisations of a Google Partner?

When we say that the Google Premier Partner Badge is relatively difficult to obtain, we mean it. Google is known to be a reliable search engine due to these reasons. Be it the Google algorithm updates for the provision of consistent better user experience or the fine line that Google has built when it comes to quality content for all customers, if you’re approved by Google, you’re approved by the rest of the world. 

That being said, Google allows all of its partners to test themselves on a particular set of specialisations, allowing them to truly be an expert of their art. These specialisation tests include:

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Shopping PLA Ads
  • Mobile Optimized Ads
  • Video Ads

That being said, only 3% of the people that end up gaining access to a Google Partner Badge manage to take it all a step further. We’re one of the few. Gaining control over the Google Premier Partner badge wasn’t easy and we made countless efforts to reach this position. Besides the process of building several powerful ad campaigns for all of our clients, we were able to place them on the top of global search results.

Diving deeper into the details of a Google Partner’s position

There are restrictions attached to every benefit; in some cases, we might even believe of these restrictions to be an essential part of a platform. Since Google is certain about giving credit majorly where its deserved, these restrictions can be considered to be quite understandable. For example, even if you’ve managed to acquire the Google Partner or Premier Partner badge, you can use them depending on the type of badge you’ve obtained:

  • Static: The static badge states all your specialisations without the need of having to hover over onto it. This can be used for marketing purposes, both online and offline. However, it cannot be placed on your website.
  • Dynamic: To view your areas of expertise, users need to hover over the three dots of the badge. The badge displays both the company’s name and the areas of expertise, however, it can only be used on your website and the additional domains of your profile.

What are the four badge statuses that you can be greeted with as a Google Partner?

Obtaining the Google Partnership badge is a process. You don’t simply register and gain the badge within the next minute. After you’re done with the application process for the Google Partner badge (or the Google Partner Premier badge), you may fall witness to the following badge statuses:

  • Not yet a Google Partner: A disappointing result but a result nonetheless. Receiving this status on your badge simply means that you or your company has either not reached the requirements for the badge or you do not hold the specialisations required. Review and try again.
  • Google Partner: This means that you have managed to gain the title of a Google Partner, with a green check accompanying all the set of requirements. 
  • Google Premier Partner: Similar to the Google Partner badge, the Google Premier Partner badge holds a green check alongside your set of requirements. 
  • The badge at risk: A scary moment for every Google Partner. This means that the company or individual is at risk of losing their badge because of problems or violations. The badge will be viewed with a triangle that holds an exclamation mark inside it. A message with the details of the issue will follow.

Why should you work with a Google Partner?

There are several benefits of working with a Google Partner, especially if you want to be able to implement a successful digital marketing strategy. The benefits of working with a Google Partner include:

  • Experts are involved

Working with a professional will always be recommended over working with an amateur. The simple acquisition of a Google Partner badge shows the experience that a company or individual holds with running ad campaigns, specifically Google Ad campaigns (since it is a badge that’s provided by Google).

Working with a Google certified partner simply gives you the benefit of working with Google Partner agency that is not only up to date with the latest trends of Google ad campaigns but also holds the ability to perform your ad campaigns with elite features and services.

  • Being connected with Google means you’re at the top of the table

Google is at the forefront of all digital marketing campaigns. Ranking on Google SERPs means you’ve managed to climb the competitive ladder, allowing you to make the most of your brand’s image. Google Partners and Google Premier Partners hold a fast track connection with Google, allowing any and every issue related to your Google Ad campaigns to be solved much quicker than otherwise possible. 

Easier solutions, a higher chance of discoverability, and the benefit of being able to land on Google SERPs is what sets a Google Partner apart from the rest of the agencies available to you. Sometimes, a heavy investment can turn out to be a light, beneficial investment in the long run. 

  • Guaranteed results

Needless to say, working with a Google Partner is capable of getting you results that last. Why do we believe in this? As a Google Premier Partner ourselves, we know that our agency must perform well consistently in terms of both revenues and leads for all of our clients. Even a slight setback is capable of putting the badge at risk. 

A certain level of success is compulsory for maintaining the presence of a Google Partner or a Google Premier Partner badge on a company’s profile. Surely, a Google Premier Partner such as us has a higher set of requirements to be met, making the 3% of the list of Google Premier Partners having to constantly fight for their position as a badge holder.

What’s the difference between a Google Partner and a Google Premier Partner? 

Choosing between a Google Partner and a Google Premier Partner can be a difficult choice to make and even though the end choice depends on the budget you hold, it’s important to know what sets the two badges apart from each other. 

The Google Partner

Most companies that hold the title of a Google Partner fit under this category. The requirements of this badge include –

  • Minimum of one Google-certified team member: To acquire this badge, the company must hold at least one member on their team that has been certified (based on the list of specialisations) in Google Ads.
  • $10,000 Ad spend on Google Ads account: Within the period of 90-days, the company must have an ad spend of at least $10,000 to show that they’ve actively been working on Google Ad campaigns. 
  • A memorable performance: Besides the certification and the ad spend, it’s important to have results that show a skyrocketing performance. There must be a development in revenue and growth for the client, as well as a consistently maintained customer base.

The Google Premier Partner

Acquired by only 3% of the certified Google Partners, the Google Premier Partner badge needs the following requirements for acquisition:

  • Minimum of two Google-certified team members: An individual cannot qualify for a Google Premier Partner badge. A team is required, with at least two of the team members holding a Google certification in the specialties mentioned. 
  • Specific Ad spend: Agencies that hold the Google Premier Partner badge need to spend a specific amount of Ad spend based on their clients, country, and market. Google assigns a different amount to every Google Premier Partner. An active Google Ads campaign is necessary.
  • Performance standards: Similar to Google Partners, Google Premier Partners need to hold high-performance standards as well. Although the specifics of the performance required are not mentioned in Google’s guidelines, they specify the need for client retention, client revenue growth, a look at the Google partner agency’s revenue, and their growth concerning their client base. 

Depending on the needs and wants that you hold from your ad campaigns, you can choose the option that’s best for both your business and your budget.

Top 10 FAQs About Google Partner

  • Should I look for a Google Partner or a Google Premier Partner? 

Simply put, a Google Premier Partner is more likely to get you higher conversions and better rates for your ad campaign. We don’t mean that a Google Partner cannot be trusted as well as a Google Premier Partner but if you have a higher budget, we advise you to look for a premier partner and not general. Digital marketing agencies like ours are capable of optimizing your campaign in a way that yields only fruitful results.

  • What are the benefits of working with a Google Partner?

Working with a Google Partner gives you the benefit of having an expert at work. Not only are we always updated with the latest developments in the world of PPC but we also ensure that your work is done quickly and efficiently. With access to beta features, we can do much more in a day than you would be able to in months. 

  • Can individuals work as a Google Partner?

Even if you are an independent individual that handles the responsibility of your Google Adwords account, you can become a Google Partner. 

  • What are the 3 requirements of becoming a Google Premier Partner?

Google judges a company’s performance, ad spends and certification to determine whether they’re fit to gain the title of a Google Premier Partner. Companies or agencies like ours that receive the Google Premier Partner badge are deemed to be knowledgeable, successful, and experienced in the field of online advertising, PPC, and more. 

  • What is a Google Partner’s field of expertise?

Google Partners can only gain the title of a ‘partner’ after gaining a specialisation certificate from Google. Before you hire a partner, it’s important to know that their specialisations lie in the fields of – search advertising, video advertising, display advertising, and shopping advertising. To make the most out of your Google Ads, a Google Partner could be the ideal addition to your marketing campaign. Hire a reliable Google Partner, today. 

  • How much time does it take to become a Google Partner?

A minimum of 12 months of ad-based spend activity is necessary for any individual or company to be able to become a Google Partner. After 12 months, you can register or sign up as a Google Partner as long as you’re eligible. 

  • Is there a new Google Partner program being introduced?

As of June 2020, all companies over the world waited eagerly for the new Google Partners program. However, the presence of COVID-19 all over the world has made it difficult for several businesses, companies, families and individuals to survive. To prevent the diversion of all of their customers from their priorities, Google postponed the launch to the year 2021, to allow the world to face the pandemic head-on, without a second thought.

  • How many Google Partners are present all over the world?

Google chooses to treat the number of Google Partners present all over the world as a piece of confidential information. Agencies can display their partnership with Google with the help of their badge on their website. We advise you to look for the 3% that holds a premier partnership, starting from us. 

  • How do Google Partners work? Are they worth it?

Google Partners gain access to communication from Google, the latest PPC news, training sessions, special invitations, etc. This allows us to gain access to many promotional offers and more, making our work methods much more efficient than traditional ones. Simply put, this allows agencies like ours to make deliveries that satisfy the client within a short period.

  •  What are Google Search Partners?

Google search partners are the search engines and websites that are included in your partnership with Google. Whilst creating a PPC or Adwords campaign, these search engines, and websites are also considered to be portals for the display of your ads. This allows you to build the chance of generating more traffic on a single campaign, rather than having to repeat the process again and again.

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