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How to use Natural Syndication Networks to Get More Links?

A content marketing campaign can never touch the heights of success without improving domain authority. It, in turn, also boosts up the search engine ranking too. Domain authority is all about earning a huge number of links from various high-authority publishers. Hence, if your online business wants to relish this perk then you need to consider curating high-end, relevant and engaging content as an integral strategy.

Next, it comes to  how to market your premium content perfectly so that you can make the most out of it ( you can say, the maximum R0I on your pitch). Here, a few integral factors that you need to consider are the nature of outreach emails, citing and internal analysis of your team’s successful pitches, subject lines, pitch length etc.

Further, when you are aware of the right way to write a lucrative email pitch, it’s all about whom you should pitch. Not all the publishers are worth approaching. Rather, it is very important to analyze which publishers can give back you maximum benefits when it’s about content marketing outreach.

In such a scenario, what can prove to be the best is one ultimate term: Natural Syndication. One of the biggest proofs of this fact has been depicted by Fractlagency.

In 2018, the media relations team of this popular platform acquired  41,545 notable press mentions for the content marketing campaigns of their clients. Out of them, only 1,135 were because of their media relations specialists’ skills. They outreached various top-tier journalists.

What is the source of remaining 40,000 stories?

The answer is Natural Syndication.

Publisher Syndication Networks: The basic concept

There are some high-end and unique publishers who behave and work in such a way that as if they are no less than hubs or influencers. They curate such striking stories which are then covered by other publishers who are working in the same niche.

Some of the top names which you can keep in mind are USA Today, CNN, The New York Times, BBC, Reuters etc. For instance, considering USA Today, the Gannett Company owns it. It is further the owner of 100 daily newspapers and 1,000 weekly newspapers.

So, a piece of an article published on this website can get access to at least 20 separate online newspapers. Finally, it can let you attract views from distinctive audiences of all such websites. Also, you will enjoy the wide syndication of your story to almost everywhere that could gain some interest.

Isn’t it a pretty high ROI?

Definitely, yes! Right?

Which publishers could be the greatest influencers of content distribution?

Outside such biggest players, it can be often a difficult process for you to identify other platforms which enjoy ‘Hub Status’. In such a scenario, you can take help of Gephi. It is a powerful network visualization tool which can handle this huge web of links perfectly and smartly.

Source: Moz

How does this visualization work?

  • Each coloured circle is considered as a node which denotes one publisher/website.
  • The size of the node defines the domain authority. The larger ones depict more domain authority.
  • The lines which lie between the nodes are known as edges which further represent the links between each publisher.
  • The strength of the edges is denoted by the total number of links heading from one publisher to another. With the direction of more links from one publisher to another, the edge becomes stronger and more pull is exerted between both the nodes towards each other.
  • When it comes to the colour of the nodes, it is determined by a ‘Modularity’ algorithm which takes care of the overall similarity links network while comparing all nodes to each other. The nodes which are having same colour exhibit the most similarity.

How to use Natural Syndication Networks for Expanding Your Reach?

The step-by-step procedure for this is mentioned below:

  • Create informational, unique and relevant content

It is too tough to get your work published on prestigious platforms like the New York Times. If you want to earn organic exposure on high-end contents hubs like the Washington or CNN, you can’t just start with a simple piece of content. It needs extensive efforts and the major step that you need to take is to gather some analytics and trustworthy data. It is anticipated that ‘data-driven is what gives rise to premium quality backlinks that you can receive from your clients’

Here are some lucrative ideas for finding potent data sources which can become the basis of your content strategy:

  • Analyze various sets of data in an unexplored manner.
  • Get accustomed to the relevant trends in your industry while utilizing your own internal data.
  • You can develop a survey and create new data about a topic relevant to your brand.
  • Figure out high-authority publishers having huge Natural Syndication Networks

It’s time to now curate a list of most desirable publishers for your content. Now, if you want to have a clear idea of whether you should go for a publisher or a journalist for outreach, there are mainly four qualifiers you must think about.

Read on

  1. Topic Relevancy

You must select such publishers with whom your content’s topic matches easily. Mostly, irrelevant pitches end up to nowhere else other than the trash folder. When you find such perfect publishers for your content who belong to your niche, just go for them.

  1. Domain Authority

According to Moz, Domain Authority (DA) is “a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). A Domain Authority score ranges from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

It is considered as one of the most integral qualifying metrics to use while crafting an outreach list. The websites with higher DA have more audience and it is more likely that they have better and greater natural syndication networks. It can be a smart idea to curate your outreach list in such a way that the websites with Domain Authority more than 60 are reserved for premium quality contents.

  1. Social Engagement

One of the smartest tricks to outreach is producing whatever you intend to pitch in front of as many eyes as possible. But, make sure that you are targeting only the audience in your niche.

For instance, you are trying to promote a fashion brand and want to showcase fashion accessories related content. Now, there could be none better than a fashion journalist at any designing or fashion publication to pitch. Here, you should look for an amazing social media presence and a wider reach. For that, Buzzsumo is one significant tool which you can explore. With that, you can find the most potential influencers within a specific niche.

  • Send a fantastic pitch

Finally, you are having awesome content and you’ve created a listicle of various influential journalists and publishers in your topic vertical as well. All that what you’ve to do now is creating a fabulous pitch. You’ve to make sure that the subject line, introduction, pitch body and the close, everything look amazing and flawless.

Isn’t it a lot of pressure in a single email?

The main mantra which works here is to learn how to optimize your media pitch perfectly so that it can attract clients even at first glance.

Over to You

Natural Syndication Network is one of the foremost approaches to make sure that you are standing out while approaching clients. You will definitely end up with hundreds of press mentions for your content. You can experiment with this strategy for your next content marketing campaign and see the results in no time.

Keep creating great content and keep flourishing!

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