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The Reason Why Everyone Is Obsessing About Marketing Automation

The best interest of business is to find ways to grow their business with sales and revenue while exploring different niches for-profit and leveraging for profit potential. To an extent, marketing automation is one of the potential-bearing options that contemporary companies should look upon. On the other side, the total effectiveness of automation shouldn’t be overstated, in fact, according to the study conducted, near about 80% of marketers believe that marketing automation plays an important role in the growth of revenue.

But near about 50% of the companies are still not utilizing the tactics of marketing automation to grow their business. With that, companies who automate their marketing, now have a multiplier effect by 10x since 2011 and it is only expected to grow.

With the current state of the business, all one needs is to boost the growth further along with the setting of the marketing campaign into auto-pilot.

There are many tools made available in assisting your business to automate your marketing efforts but they haven’t been picked up yet, what could be the reason?

People usually follow into, “if it isn’t bringing you loss, why fix it’, and they feel that they are content with their current stage of marketing tricks, whereas others usually get overwhelmed with the different range of options that are made available to them and don’t know which one they should pick.

Many are just unaware of the potential that marketing automation brings in, irrespective of the reason, it is advisable to use marketing automation for the business, here’s the reason why:

Save time to focus on what exactly matters

Marketing automation saves you time and time is valuable after all. One should think of all the time any marketing team spends on creating email templates, gathering the list of potential leads, monitoring them, converting and plotting the data. Why not spend that time with something important?

We understand that some aspects require proper planning, flair, and creativity, whereas other parts are just busy work and get in the way of what you do best. With a marketing automation tool one can massively lower the amount of time people spend on:

  • Re-using the templates
  • Automating the PPC bids
  • Automating and gathering the data and plotting graphs
  • Working 24/7 without any downtime

When one automates all of these things out of the way, the marketing department comes up with new creative ideas and spends more time interacting with the customers and clients for better service. It is important to spend time running your business instead of constantly marketing it.

Advantage of other people’s mathematical analysis in marketing

It is the most ingenious part of marketing any campaign that is, to figure out the best mathematical practice. With the difference in ROI of different workloads and products, the key is to figure out the most effective PPC bid or connecting the actions and sale figures. People usually play it by ear, adjusting the value based on what ‘feels right’ and hoping for the best, others spend hours, weeks, and months in analyzing the data and creating the best estimate. Due to time and effort constraints, people ignore the aspect of marketing altogether due to time and effort.

Using the automation, one gives you the benefits of other people’s mathematical analysis and the creation of the data that is required for the result at a fraction of the cost. While spending hours trying to figure out the answer and guessing at it, marketing automation tools give you the benefits of taking mathematical analysis at the fraction of cost. Instead of spending hours figuring out the right answer. With better, your marketing tools can automatically adjust your campaigns for the best suggestions, so one doesn’t understand the higher-level analytics that one can get there.

There’s a tool to suit the needs

With the loads of automated marketing tools that are available for multi-purpose marketers, businesses, and occasions, one has the use to. Finding the right marketing tool is like taking one new employee that already owns the experience and needs the training to do the job. Irrespective of the job, one can automate and with the tool that needs to be taken care of. Perhaps one should be more careful of your email marketing list and who takes the email, with this, generic software might not get the specific needs into the account. With a lot of automated software with a specific business model, often the people find a similar line of work with the marketing software and assist in automating your marketing needs without having to worry about it.

You need fewer people to run multiple tasks

With the right set of tools, a smaller team takes on a larger set of tasks as it has multiple advantages like:

  • Greater accountability
  • Consistency
  • Lowers down the cost of training
  • Has expertise on the niche
  • Lower ongoing costs
  • Reducing mixed messages

To have a learner marketing department it means that fewer people that are trying to communicate with other parties, mixed messages, and problems that are associated with them are then reduced. Centrifugation control means that one person can do all work without being misinformed. One person can skill up faster and gain niche expertise in the marketing sphere. One can also expect consistency with the skills they understand in their job without having to deal with the crossed wires and having the right tools to become an efficient member of the staff.

It is easier to track

Automated marketing tools come with measuring and reporting tools, so one has to have an easier time keeping track of the business to understand its performing rate and how well the marketing is working. Automated marketing tools gives one better control over:

  • Reporting
  • Data measurement
  • Analytics
  • Accountability

Some tools have a centralized platform from which one can measure the data and adjust as per the needs, one doesn’t have to jump between multiple programs or measure to find the information from one place. One doesn’t have to spend numerous hours in accumulating data and statistics, it’s been already done, with this problem in the marketing campaign, one should be able to figure out the reasoning of the occurrence. With the adjustment on a campaign based on the given information, it is easy to figure out the changes from the same place as per the measurement, the need of flicking back and forth.

Easy ROI

The reason to automate your marketing is to get a better return on reduced investment, automated marketing is low cost and doesn’t take much effort, and with a huge increase in the overall performance. The automated marketing tool is low cost and doesn’t take much effort in time or effort, witnessing the growth and increase in overall performance. With automated marketing is low cost and doesn’t take much effort, you’ll see a huge increase in performance nonetheless, the automated marketing tool, you’ll:

  • Reducing staff cost
  • Access better sales data
  • Saving the time and effort
  • It builds a consistent service offering
  • It increases sales
  • Find more sales

Stronger marketing and sales alignment

Marketing automation platforms (like Pardot, Marketo, HubSpot, etc), it has CRM integration, that maintains cross-collaboration between marketing and sales teams. It also has insight that needs to be gained from marketing automation from the marketers that can lead to sales teams with. Tapping into what the blog content generates the most traffic into what email marketing content triggers the most clicks or what landing page that has garnered the most leads that helps understand your audience on a deeper level. It also affects the clients’ sales funnel, with marketing automation, one can also leverage advanced analytics to qualify leads, prioritizing sales efforts, and managing the sales funnel.

Get personalized through audience segmentation

Consumers who use personalized content based on the provided information or the previous activity. With this, it’s almost expected, with the data privacy, having CRM integrated with a marketing automation platform with a unique opportunity to leverage data about the prospect and customers to get hyper-specific with the target audience and content. This type of messaging for increased and hopefully the chance of regulation.

It also helps in consolidating the marketing effort, permitting one or more streamlined measurements of the success. Running an automated campaign, these platforms also have analytics and in reporting to tie each piece of the automated campaign together. It is as with digital marketing to analyze and determine the sort of optimization, it also helps in saving the time that is campaign-specific data that review your Google Analytics as well as about the big picture marketing strategy.

Increased revenue and average deal size

When automating via cross-selling, up-selling, and taking customer follow-ups, you will notice an increase in the lifetime value of the customer, when combining with the better lead management and prioritization, it is likely to upscale your sales activity with a lot better ROI. It also brings more creativity in replacing the manual repetitive work with automated rules and campaigns that naturally frees up with the staff time with the more creative tasks.

This also has clear benefits with staff productivity and effectiveness, one naturally frees up the staff’s time for more creative tasks. It also has clear benefits with productivity and effectiveness, with a softer tangible side based on the overall creativity and varied creative work instead of the routine repetitive task.

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