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The Most Popular Marketing Automation In Case Of A Zombie Apocalypse

Ever thought of what is the most primary reason while factorizing the growth of any marketing organization? It is- creating demand and driving sustainable revenue growth that charters the growth of the organization. As much it looks like that it is much easier said than done, there are times when an increased demand looks similar to the rampant expenditure in advertising. We understand that every ad campaign runs on a stopwatch, it is just a matter of time when these campaign and media channels are flowing to the dry bank.

To end a demand drought, it requires a persistent skill of marketing innovation. While putting your stamp on a concept it is about sourcing the broad gauge of ideas and routinely touching the surveys by a wide range of audience, their feedback, and soliciting suggestions as a survival tactic.

Understanding the concept of marketing blackout and how to deal with one?

If people don’t understand the exact work of the market, the natural conclusion is that the market isn’t doing something important or significantly noteworthy. There are different groups and different organizations, working on different concepts- it is likely to jot the right reason for what everyone is doing, this creates a stir of fear and raises an impossible situation of unified experience to the customers.

There are tactics for marketing, those plans and projects with their performance reports are still somewhere hidden in spreadsheets, documents, inboxes, and other locations of storage.

This leads to a lot of things. If it has been a while since one has done an audit on their marketing automation and CRM databases, undoubtedly, one has created more or less a lot of dead-end to their marketing funnel. With this, you know the heart of and soul of any marketing campaign is storytelling and placing the right action in the right place.

Using simple and effective concepts to your customers can help them to understand your products and services in the most useful way. The key here is to evolve constantly, otherwise, you will be wasting your time, money, energy, and resources on a dead marketing concept- that leads to nothing.

Leaving the marketing automation and databases without any checking verification can create a lot of zombies stumbling around your funnel and largely it falls into two categories:

  • Leads in your databases with some interest go unresponded to your outreach, creating a lack of nurture or misaligned messaging.
  • Useless leads that continue to engage with content and drain mostly your marketing and sales resources but will never convert into an opportunity or closed business for your organization.

Spotting a dead marketing concept when you encounter one:

Mindless brainstorming, concepts, and ideas would linger around everywhere in the market but not in the grave. As a good marketer, you just have to be brave enough to spot them and willing to call them out and put them in a place where they truly belong.

Campaigns who are unable to perform your actual KPI

Marketing campaigns that don’t give you the ability to track performance to see whether you’re attaining results or not, can strongly affect your effective marketing campaign. Without a scorecard, you’re just a blind, leading blind. If you’re looking to test a campaign, try listing it out specifically with its actionable goals and what you wish to retrieve it in the next campaign. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be as simple as generating 30% of off your next leads.

If this seems like a difficult task, you’ve got a roamer, it harms your brand more than it does good to it. There are so many marketing campaigns that can give you a lot of ‘likes’ but ever thought of, how many of those come from the right source that would benefit your business?

Campaigns that are baits, losing the trust of your customers

Nowadays, marketing is about personalization, it means generic content that offers quantity but not quality can be target-specific but can turn the potential customers off. Nothing can be as a zombie as creating automated content on social media. If your channels are spewed with auto messages, you’re losing the chance to engage with your customer. It can even give them the feeling that your business, who once made them feel special is now turning into a corporate monger who doesn’t care about their audience.

Creating a sense of urgency or baiting them to a false action can lead a business into losing its customers. These can, at first, nudge their customers to open their wallets, but isn’t a substantial plan on a longer run. Gimmicks like, ‘exclusive’, ‘very special’ when there are 20 more sitting on the shelf and “limited-time offer” can pressure the customer into taking an action, these tactics are minor, short term but on a longer run, it is a loss. Customers are nowadays, mindful, they catch on, what you’re thinking that they won’t catch.

Campaigns with poor ROI’s

Old school advertising has its place while losing your focus on older customers isn’t advisable, but prioritizing millennials are becoming a bigger force in the nation’s base. It is important to track the ROI of every marketing dollar that you spend on your ad. See what you are investing in for, look out for user-generated content that can be advertised well. If your old tricks (no matter how popular or staple it is), if it isn’t bringing you any money, put them into the dustbin.

After spending time, money, and resources on acquiring leads, take time to figure out how you can bring dead leads to life, dead leads- who are taking up space in your automation system. Take a hard look at the dormant leads that look promising to engage but are unresponsive to the outreach. It is important to create an aggressive outreach that directly speaks to the zombie lead and brings them out directly to a responsive existence.

Calling out their unresponsiveness, sharing the strongest content, and offering them access to events and teams is surely a great way to revive prospects back to the living. Timely auditing your database should be taken as an exercise to find the prospects that can perennially engage with your content is potential for multiple sales calls and has wasted your sales team’s time without ever closing. One shouldn’t be afraid to lay a zombie lead to the grave.

Why do these leads exist?

Zombie leads occur as current scoring and filtering mechanism used by many B2B teams are misaligned and broken, just by simply tracking the demographic can be proven on a large scale ineffective way of identifying and tracking your next customer, missing out the entire spectrum of the prospect’s file, their signals, and potential conversions. Just by looking at the demographics, one can look into the buyer’s profile and tell them about their timing and whether the potential solution is leading at all.

A predictive intelligence solution is the best weapon in tracking down the zombie leads, connecting the data in your marketing pile for the 3rd party intent data, predictive intelligence solution can assist you in looking beyond your walls. The insight will help you to identify the leads that can be converted, have low intent on conversion or analyzing the dormant leads across the web. This helps you to know when to lay them for rest or where to focus the efforts on reanimating them.

How to tackle zombie leads?

To survive, get a hold of what is happening in pop culture, tie your strategy around it, and create a campaign to handle the trend. Pop culture is a unique way to capture the imagination of unified, different groups of people who can then turn this into a new perspective to acquire their attention.

It is important to update the direction that leads to the grave for the zombie apocalypse and campaigning to ensure that nothing like this occurs again. With the newer strategy, it helps one to realize, whether it is dead or can be revived.

Final takeaway

Surviving zombie leads and converting them into a business requires adaptability and a little bit of remorse. Once you realize that the concept is showing that the lead is dead- don’t be afraid to drag the process out and about. Giving those types of leads a quick grave and saving your precious resources for projects and ideas that have a lot of potentials can save you time and money. Boost your social media presence with a little knowledge using tools, ebooks, and case studies that can help in some serious conversions.


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