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SEO Case Study: Strategies That Raised Revenue Up to 1400% In Just 6 Months

“Our strategies helped this client to retain its customers with daily substantial traffic and new clients with benefitting ROI. We laid out methodologies that helped into scheming new gains without any hacks and using only proper SEO methodology.”

Are you looking to drive more traffic to your website? More traffic means more visitors, more impressions and more signups, leading to more purchases and ultimately more revenue.

The question that often arises is, ‘How do I attract the traffic that will help me evolve and become more diverse?’.

Through SEO, you’ll quickly notice that your business is more in demand with increased traffic and conversions.

The tailored process by Clickmatix aimed to build links to gain higher chances of visibility in order to increase the web presence of clients. Our SEO strategy was developed from scratch and boosted our client’s initial organic traffic of 5313 to 61 622 – our results and findings will help you build a foolproof strategy of your own.


  • The images present on the website were not optimized enough. Due to this, there was a problem in displaying the images. The images would appear completely broken if they were viewed on a low internet connection.
  • The website had exceptionally low traffic. When there is no traffic on the website it ultimately results in low sales and revenue. Despite the domain of the website was old, the traffic in comparison was not up to the mark.
  • The owner had worked with different SEO and PPC companies before. However, even after investing a significant amount into various campaigns, the revenue generated was very low in comparison.
  • The website had no relevant backlinks and hence it never ranked. Due to the low ranking, it never got a certain number of hits as anticipated earlier. Hence, all the investment made behind the SEO and PPC campaigns did not give desirable results.

Initial Users

Increasing Users

Initial Sessions

Initial Sessions (JAN.)


  • The URLS linked to the website were not SEO friendly. This means that it did not have any search engine friendly words.
  • The web pages were not optimized according to targeted keywords. Thus, where there is a lack of relevancy between URL and keywords it is unlikely that the website will rank high.
  • There were no social media pages created for the brand. In an era where social media presence has become inevitable in order to reach maximum users. The lack of the same can result in minimum exposure.
  • It was found that certain products were missing from the pages. So when a potential customer might visit a certain page they will not be able to gain proper information about the available products.
  • The loading time was much higher than what it ideally should be. The website was not mobile-friendly either. Thus most people who browse using their mobile would face trouble in viewing the products on the website and would not be able to gain a better insight into the product range.


Month 1

  • SEO manager app (installations and optimisation)
  • Suggesting and nominating keywords
  • 7 local business & citation listing
  • 3 guest posts utilising chosen keywords
  • Local & product schemas for better user experience
  • Mid-volume content with ranking for acquiring keywords and infusion

Month 2

The strategies were similar with simple add-ons

  • Magnifying effective meta tags
  • Creation and implementation of internal linking
  • Approximately 2 blog posts (roughly 700 words) based on the business niche and attentive trends

Month 3

  • 7 pages of heavy content and strategic placement of keywords
  • Infusion of up to 8 keywords to match the branding content
  • Partial match, marketing mix, anchor text diversity
  • Wiki links, infographics and local listing

Apart from the key strategising plans, the obvious issues were:

  • Image alt tags optimisation
  • Optimisingbroken links
  • The website was yet to receive substantial traffic to help their business grow in an organic manner. Our team focused on providing core planning to increase traffic and bifurcating tasks to land them on the first page.

Upon implementation of our strategy, the business received an immediate boost in traffic and revenue.

Organic Users Compared To Initial

Initial vs Current Users Comparision

Organic Traffic Increased By 960.71% In Last 9 Months

Note: We are in control of every aspect of the site, which makes it easier for us to analyse, record and work on organic gains to make sure our SEO tactics are implemented and working on a defined time frame. Over time, we will edit our strategy and recommend changes to the process for a more precise outcome.

Initial Revenue

Initial Revenue (JAN.)

Organic Revenue Compared To Initial

Initial vs Current Revenue Comparision

Organic Revenue Increased By 1453.40% In Last 9 Months

Organic Growth


 The secret to elevated traffic is the time invested in creating quality content that implements various link acquisition strategies that correlate with each stage of the project.

To Process the Traffic Growth Remember:

  • It is important to start slow and take advantage of ‘easy wins’
  • Focus on securing a handful of strategies with important pages
  • Understand the passive link acquisition and how it builds momentum
  • Provide an enriched content experience
  • Target higher-value opportunities

This process is repeatable, scalable and has been found to be an effective course of action. By tweaking and adjusting it and finding a niche, one can implement these methods to construct and apply their own strategy.

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