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A Master’s Guide To Excel At PPC Campaigns In 2019


As we land in 2019, we look back and realize what a dynamic year 2018 was. Be it digital marketing, content marketing, or PPC trends- trends changed really quickly. Now that we have a whole new year ahead of us it is time that we review the current PPC practices and PPC campaigns so that we can implement new ideas and programs.

You can get the best results with the help of a solid PPC plan. It all starts with the channels you choose to advertise on. However, it is also important to understand that not all channels will generate the same results. Most businesses focus their efforts mainly on Google because various platforms like Google Analytics can help you to target customers and engage them even more.

New PPC campaigns that will rock 2019

Review new features in Google Ads

The change in Google Ads has included a lot of new features that are only exclusive and available in the new update. One of the key features of the new update is promotion extensions. This features showcases the products with a dollar or percentage discount. This could be a great option for those who have been using site links or ad copy for promos.

Another feature is bid adjustments for phone calls. By increasing bid adjustments of ads that have called, extensions can result in driving the ads to be served more often. This year you should also invest in outstream video campaigns. Mobile-only videos, Google and YouTube should be can be used on partner sites or apps

Test new platforms

2019 is all about trying new things and taking every chance. You never know what might work out and give amazing results. Testing new paid channels is a must-try for this year. Make sure to step up your advertising game. Explore new platforms, look beyond Google, Facebook, and Bing.

Pay attention to LinkedIn which is the ideal platform for targeting any business or reaching out to professionals. If you want to target the female audience make sure you advertise on Pinterest. You can also use Snapchat which is appropriate to target a young audience

Mobile preference

Needless to say, mobile phones have become a necessity for everyone. With the increase in time, the usage of mobile devices has also increased.  This is why by 2019 it is high time to customize your mobile ad experience. PPC marketers who ignore the potential of cell phones as a marketing tool are wasting paid budgets and also losing the opportunities to reach the target audience.

The most important thing to consider before starting a mobile PPC campaign is to access the traffic coming from mobile devices. A simple chart is available on Google Ads interface which will provide you a snapshot of performance by device. This way you can have a look at what percentage of conversions are coming from mobile devices

Explore new features

As you read earlier, some of the features like promotion extensions and out-stream video campaigns are worth trying. Another must-try feature which has a much more significant effect than both of these features is the Audience Network in Bing Ads. This can add punch to your PPC campaign.

What makes this feature so effective is that it performs the analysis of billions of audience intent signals from Microsoft properties. This will help in reaching a highly-relevant market lists which can help you to reach the researchers just at the time when they are looking to make a purchase. When browsing over 200 in-market categories, you also get see a list size of the users, which is extremely helpful for planning

Audiences integrated with search

For a significant time, we were limited to keywords in a search engine. However, thanks to technology now we are able to layer in audience targeting and demographics. This helps in refining the campaign even more. The audience that has similar tastes and liking can be grouped together.

These audience demographics might include detailed demographics such as – marital status, parental status, education, age, etc. You should make sure that your data should be updated frequently so that the campaigns can be more effective

Use scripts

PPC campaigns can be very repetitive. Implementing the same campaigns can result in consuming a lot of time. Here is when one smart search marketing tip will come handy. PPC managers can try and learn how to automate tasks in their Google Ads account using scripts that can be added to the account.

However, when you first enter the world of scripts all this can seem overwhelming. In fact, a good way to start learning this is by referring a few articles online on the script engine journal. You can go through various resources which can help in starting with scripting effectively

Use SUBTOTAL, Not SUM When Filtering Table Data

Reviewing a massive table data in Excel can be really overwhelming. However, this can become easier if you apply filters to each header and do the analysis. You can also use filters in search query reports to see if certain keywords are beneficial for the campaign or not.

The problem with using SUM while totaling the clicks, conversions, or whatever calculation you want to make is that SUM always calculates the total table. This is why it can provide misleading results when you want to calculate filtered results. Placing the SUBTOTAL function at the top of your page will allow you to quickly see what the filtered results are. This is how your sheet will automatically become a dynamic tool

Count Ad Characters Using the LEN Function

If you are trying to compose a new ad in excel, then it is very important to know whether or not your headlines and descriptions are within the character limit. By using the LEN function you can simply know if your ad line is over the limit and needs to be edited. Further, you can add conditional formatting to cells so that you can see if any line needs to be edited.

These are a few search marketing tips that can actually provide success for your campaigns. It the end brainstorming is the key. Keep on trying new tools and techniques as you never know what might actually work great for your campaign. Research competitive landscape and make sure to structure and organize your PPC keywords accordingly.

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