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Clickmatix provides comprehensive SEO services for businesses in the financial services sector. From technical SEO audits through to content marketing, Clickmatix offers an integrated SEO solution for Financial Services Companies that are looking to grow organically and own more top 3 spots in Google.

Every financial SEO campaign is bespoke from our first website assessment and target keyword research phase through to our planned SEO sprints that incorporate a full technical SEO audit, a landscape analysis of performance financial services competitors, a review of all landing page content vs. target queries, and a website link audit/brand trust audit to assess how authoritative the website and brand are.

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Our most recent Success Story

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Increase inorganic traffic


Increase in totalorganic keyword ranking


Increase in referring domains

The Challenges

AU CLIENT needed to raise its organic visibility and improve website UX to drive some sales.

What we delivered

Clickmatix guided the client through a site re-build and move to a new hosting platform, embedding SEO best practice into the site’s design and development. We identified targeted keyword opportunities from thorough keyword and marketplace research.

How can Clickmatix help us with our SEO strategies?

Clickmatix has in-house expertise that fully understands a wide breadth of the financial services market. We have helped to develop SEO strategies that take into consideration everything from FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) compliance and regulations through to Your Money Your Life requirements that impact how financial content should be constructed to align with "best practice".

A large proportion of weighting in the financial services sector relates to landing page content, relevance, coverage, and authority - producing financial services copy involves a lot of forward planning be it mortgages, right to buy, buy to let, loans, bridging finance, mortgage brokerage, equity release and any other number of areas under the financial services grouping.

Clickmatix produces SEO strategies that helps to plan out sprints covering initial website audits to technical implementation through to a planned content strategy that incorporates all target search terms as part of a financial marketing strategy.

We conduct thorough in house financial SEO keyword research so we can identify better what your target audience is searching for when it comes to financial services. With extensive keyword research out of the way - we can then begin to assess each website landing page to assess content relevance to target queries - this helps to create the foundations of "landing page content requirements".

With new content to be produced (to FCA compliant standards) - we can then begin the technical phase, making your financial website better, faster, lighter, easier to use, easier to interact, more engaging for end users.

How long does Financial SEO take?


Results and time to rank will inevitably depend on your finance websites current performance & budget. Elevated budget provides us with more legroom to deliver a more intensive SEO strategy to drive up search engine rankings in the shortest timeframe.


Finance companies tend to operate in a fairly competitive space, so the time to rank will inevitably rest on the points above as well as how competitive the target keywords are.


We'd always expect to see the first results between months 3-6, however, this timeframe can vary depending on how agile your business is when it comes to content approval and compliance, implementation and more.

What Financial Sectors Does
Clickmatix Work With?

Clickmatix works with all financial firms whatever the sector may be including but not limited to


How does our financial SEO service work?


Clickmatix will provide your business with a tailored SEO strategy that focuses on key search results for relevant terms in the financial services industry. We create bespoke action plans that address all on site and off site issues, helping to make the website more relevant in Google Search.


From aggregated pillar pages through to well-constructed landing pages - we ensure your businesses financial services are portrayed via high-quality landing pages that take into account end-user intent, above the fold call to action, fast page loading (core web vitals), well written and well-structured content that engages and retains users.


Our financial SEO services are tailored around the needs of your business, growth, KPIs & more.

Three-steps to SEO success

User and market research

We start by researching your business, market, customers, and competition to prepare a strategy that’s aligned with your goals. Identifying and researching target keywords is part one of the strategy, but also understanding the motives and search intent behind selected keywords. That will help us create content your users crave. Good SEO for financial services relies on in-depth market research and properly constructed content plans. Market and user research is critical for any financial marketing team - making sure your keywords and landing pages are a good fit for the target audience will increase conversion and engagement whilst reducing bounce rate and landing page abandonment. From user and market research data, a quality content plan can be constructed for existing and new landing pages.


On-site Optimisation

From canonical tags to page speed our technical SEO team will address all issues relating to a websites structure, performance & configuration. Combining technical fixes with modern technological improvements will allow us to leverage significant performance increases, from higher page speed scores to improved above-the-fold rendering. As part of the on site optimisation phase - new content copywriting & integration will be underway. Finance companies in Australia are typically regulated by the ASIC - so for that reason, we understand that content may take time to get through compliance.

Build authority

We use refined white hat link building techniques to create relevant backlinks to your site from trusted, high-authority sites – and a vital ranking factor when Google is assessing your site’s place in the keyword universe. SEO for financial services will include in-depth competitor backlink analysis to find out what links financial services companies may have in their respective domain profile. Clickmatix will build natural, authority led links that search engines will see as a vote of trust/authority.

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