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We live & breathe organic and we’re experts at paid. Take advantage of nearly two decades of success delivering strategies and services that keep products flying off virtual shelves. Our team of SEO, PPC, and content experts is committed to seeing you hit every sales target — month to month, quarter to quarter.

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When you partner with us, We'll help you use the web to attract more potential customer to your company.


Our most recent Success Story

Our results look great on paper, but they’re even more impressive in action.
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Increase inGMB Calls


Increase in totalorganic keyword ranking


Increase in referring domains

The Challenges

The content on the website didn’t help the client in churning the market value, as there were no relevant keywords present on the web page. The content on the website didn’t help the client in churning the market value, as there were no relevant keywords present on the web page. Client wanted to boost their local presence for more user traction, generating more quality traffic and attracting more conversion-oriented leads through local SEO.

What we delivered

For the right customers, we searched for high-ranking location-based keywords. Optimising their GMB for more visibility within the 10km of radius. Compared to the competitor’s website, the UI ( user interface) and UX ( user experience) were much more enhanced.

What makes health and beauty SEO unique?

To compete in the $500 billion global health & beauty market you’ve got to be strategic. Great products that people love are just the start. You need content, creativity, and a digital marketing approach based on a deep understanding of how Google operates in every healthcare category. Search engines play a big part in driving online sales of beauty products. SEO is one of the most effective ways to improve your brand’s visibility and authority.

Our services

Link Building

Build authority and improve organic rankings with backlinks from other high authority websites. Health and Beauty niches are notoriously competitive, we help your brand to dominate by building relevant links and building domain authority/trust.

Technical SEO

Ensure the structure of your website and the content on each page complies with Google standards. We work to ensure your website has and retains full technical SEO compliance so that it’s easy for search engines like Google to crawl your website and to index information correctly. Good technical SEO compliance is just one of many ranking factors that we address and optimise.

Keyword Research

Identify the words and phrases your customers use to find you. From the major categories to long-tail keywords people use when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Penalty Recovery

If your site or domain has suffered a Google penalty, we can help. Clickmatix SEOs have helped businesses suffering from both manual and algorithmic penalties as a result of historic SEO work.

Content Marketing

Build authority and win more return visitors by publishing blogs and other assets with advice and insights your customers value.

Structured Data Mark-up

An advanced SEO technique that leverages Google technologies like Voice Search, Rich Snippets, and Knowledge-box to move you up the rankings.

UX Optimisation

Essential for all SEO strategies, improve engagement, improve conversions & drive recognition of site value. As one of Australia's leading SEO agencies, we help businesses scale traffic & then to convert more of that traffic into sales. Whether you are a healthcare business looking to generate more enquiries, or a beauty brand looking to sell more products, Clickmatix can help.

Voice Search Optimisation

Voice Search solutions to help businesses earn more voice traffic and more online visibility. Clickmatix has an inhouse team of SEOs who can help your brand to own voice search.


Why Clickmatix for health & beauty SEO?

Earn followers

Our results-driven team understand the ranking factors that deliver the greatest impact. We optimise your site, campaigns, and content to get better results, while constantly adapting our approach to algorithmic changes.

Earn followers

As an SEO agency in Melbourne we test, analyse, revise, and test again to ensure our tactical approach is aligned with the latest Google updates.

Earn followers

That’s one reason why we’re different. Another is the suite of highly-refined SEO services we’ve built to raise your online visibility and help draw-in the users you need to reach.

Earn followers

SEO is filled with short-term thinking. We look at the quick wins – and then go further to build the sustainable traction you need to keep revenues growing. Whatever your online business objectives, Clickmatix can help you get there.

Our process for successful health & beauty SEO

User and market deep-dive

We start by researching your business, market, customers and competition to prepare a strategy that’s aligned with your goals. Identifying and researching target keywords is part one of the strategy, but also understanding the motives and search intent behind selected keywords. That will help us create content your users crave.


Landing Pages that sell

Building landing pages tailored for the end users is absolutely fundamental. Our content marketing & SEO specialists work together to produce new content & landing page architecture that’ll help to drive better search intent & relevancy for end users/website visitors.

On-site optimisation

From canonical tags to page speed our technical SEO team will address all issues relating to a websites structure, performance & configuration. Combining technical fixes with modern technological improvements will allow us to leverage significant performance increases from improved page speed scores to improved above the fold rendering.


Test – and test again

We use powerful A/B testing platforms with heat, click and scroll maps. They enable our UX optimisation team to collect powerful insights about how people use your site and engage with your content.

Build authority

We use refined white hat link building techniques to create relevant backlinks to your site from trusted, high-authority sites – and vital ranking factor when Google is assessing your site’s rightful place in its index.

SEO campaigns

SEO campaigns that deliver

Organic search got you here. We made that happen.

Clickmatix uses the latest digital marketing and UX techniques to increase organic visibility in search engine return pages (SERPs). Our team of SEO experts will put that knowledge to work for you and drive high quality, targeted traffic that converts.

Google regularly refines and updates its algorithm, sometimes with unexpected results. Clickmatix helps clients avoid unpleasant surprises by better structuring data, improving user experience, and optimising website performance. We show clients how to improve user retention and make sure their content is always audience-relevant. That’s the only way to ensure long-term online success.

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