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The core thing we do at ClickMatix for website design and development is to identify your business requirement. Creating a unique and effective website is important as it gives the advantage to you over your competitors and it has to be done with a perfect combination of creativity and technical skills.

It is essential for any business to have a beautifully designed engaging website. Along with providing custom web design and development solution, we are also digital marketing and SEO experts and we ensure that your website design is technically sound to easily get top ranking on different search engines.

Whether you want to make your e-commerce store most popular or you want to sell your services to the right audience, a brilliant website is essential in this digital era. It is important how it look and feel to the users as most of them take a decision after the considering their experience on your website.

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Case Study

Baby Direct

Baby Direct

Search Traffic Increased by 110.18%

STT Advertising

STT Advertising

Search Traffic Increased by 114.16 %

Kings Warehouse

Kings Warehouse

Search Traffic Increased by 394.89 %

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We help you to develop your website that makes the users fall in love with your brand.

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  • We bring perfection to your business

    We offer end to end deal to our clients by creating a responsive website. Each project we take in our hands is perfectly unique. We invest our time and skill sets to give your website an error-free structure. Our customize web development solution is reliable, user-friendly and stable.

  • Increase your conversation rate

    Any website with unique features and flawless design has higher chances to engage visitors and it allows them to trust your products or services instantly. The visitors like to visit again to your website when looking for the same services or products again. In the end, you have better conversion rates overall.

  • Get better ranking

    We give aesthetically best design to your website, but along with that, we ensure that the design and development get done considering all the technicality. Search engines like Google and Bing expect certain technical features from any website to give them an opportunity to make it to the top on their search list. We ensure that your website is SEO friendly.

  • Giving up to the mark security

    We take all the measures of security into account when it comes to website development. Whether it is about creating a secured payment gateway for an online store or keeping the data of your website safe from a theft of leak, we leave no stone untouched.

The key factors of custom web design and development

Custom web design is much more than using images, fonts and color schemes. It is more of a process of understanding your business niche and then creating a strategy for the design that gives you access to conduct a successful business. The same thing applies to custom development. Rather than using just plugins, templates and codes, we create websites from the scratch considering creative aspect and technicality.

Front-end and Back-end custom web development

Front-end web development is the functions of the website that are used or seen directly by the users. This includes image carousels or slide-out or pops up menus. We provide you an excellent solution of the front-end web development that it becomes easier for you to manage your website. Back-end web development has no user interaction, but it drives the entire website. It is the driving force of your website and our customization enables you to integrate your in-house data systems. It also makes it easy to keep your data in sync, and you can also add engaging content on your website.

Simple yet aesthetically pleasing web design

The design has to be pleasing. The color combination and use of images matter when it comes to making it more effective. Whether it is about using flash animation or using the right fonts, we ensure that the whole picture comes out as a perfect combination of creativity and technicality. It is also important that the design should be simple. We give you simple and sophisticated web design, which is also the most effective. We also take care of placing the right sort of content in the right place on your website.

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Understanding your business requirements

We have a team of skilled professionals who gives you end to end result. From conducting researches to giving you the progress report, we ensure that you get the best experience with the ongoing project and also once the project is completed. We ensure that our clients do not find any trouble regarding the design and development of their website. With excellent designing, we are master of MS SQL, AJAX/Javascript/jQuery, WordPress custom theming and development, PHP, XML, Google Maps API and other GIS technologies and eCommerce integration.

How we do it?

We have a team of experienced developers and designers who are passionate about their work. We invest time and resources in the project to get a brilliant outcome. We believe in transparency and give the regular progress report. Whether it is about creative elements or technical factors, we ensure that you get the perfect representation of your business in the digital world.

For affordable and exceptional web design and development

Our services are affordable and reliable. Our professionals working on various aspects of web designing, web development, and digital marketing have immense experience of this digital era. They know ins and out of the business and they are aware of every upgrade that can make your website more beautiful and also user-friendly. We deliver the project on time and you can reach out to us at any time as our team of executives is ready to solve your concerns in a proper way.

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