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What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook, it is one of the largest social media platforms in the world and Facebook Marketing has become the biggest digital channels for you! If you are looking for new opportunities. Facebook Marketing also offers a number of different tools that are both paid and organic for the brands to surface themselves to Facebook’s sprawling user base!

However, there are many things that a marketing manager has to do to optimize for discoverability. We as a PPC agency in Melbourne can help your business grow your business through Facebook marketing.

There are over 2 billion Facebook users every day and are still growing in number, this means 79% of internet users use Facebook every single day! This is the reason why Facebook is the platform for social media marketers to concentrate.

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Case Study

Baby Direct

Baby Direct

Search Traffic Increased by 110.18%

STT Advertising

STT Advertising

Search Traffic Increased by 114.16 %

Kings Warehouse

Kings Warehouse

Search Traffic Increased by 394.89 %

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  • Mid-Roll Video Advertisements

    Did you know that people watch almost 100 million hours of video views per day? This feature can be helpful for the marketers, social media professionals, and business capitalizes for growing their businesses. Facebook has added the mid-roll videos ads in videos that are longer than 90 seconds.

    Moreover, marketers can relate to the topic of the video, there are chances of reaching the correct audience. While 90% of mobile video viewers share videos online, these mid-roll videos could be a big boost to your existing video marketing strategy.

  • Messenger Day

    Messenger day from Facebook is the direct rival to the Instagram and Snapchat. It has stickers, filters, and also features galore. It can be found at the Facebook messenger and also features a real-time conversation with your friends or family!

    However, marketers can use Messenger Day to give social media marketing campaigns a personal touch. While marketers can also plan to insert advertisements in Messenger to generate revenue.

  • Facebook Marketing Analytics Gets Even Better

    The most insightful form of social media analytics tool is the Facebook analytics. These analytics allows users to optimize their marketing campaigns and increase their leads and conversions. With this analytics, you can monitor your post likes, reach, and engagement. While, with Facebook Page Interactions, social media professionals can measure the post reactions and shares.

    However, social media tool is pivotal in aiding businesses in achieving their marketing goals. Further, marketers can get deeper insights into their business promotional activities.

  • Facebook Dynamic Ads

    You can create a customized catalog for customers with Facebook Dynamic ads! You can conduct remarketing campaigns based on the viewer’s browsing history. After that marketers can create a custom feed from their selection of items and automatically deliver images, prices, and descriptions in their ads.

    Furthermore, the chances of conversion are high, when customers see products that are customized as per their tastes and requirements. Then these ads influence the customer’s decision using Dynamic images and product information.

How Facebook Ads Benefits you?

Did you know that 68% of Facebook users are adults? This results in a vast advertising opportunity for your business. Moreover, if you want to market your business then Facebook Pages are the perfect solution for you! Although algorithm changes in Facebook’s platform can also impact on the number of people that see your posts!

Moreover, as the best pay per click agency, we would use these benefits to get started with Facebook marketing for your business.

Fine Tune Targeting

Facebook is a place that offers a plethora of targeting and retargeting options so we can show your ads to a defined audience according to demographic, location, behaviors, lookalike and more! Your social media advertising campaigns are made easy with Facebook’s Ads Manager. With just a few clicks, you can run ads across different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger on mobile as well as desktop.

Moreover, We would help you insert tracking pixel into pages within your website so that you can target ideal customers with the products that they are most interested in! While the smartphone penetration continues to increase and the expanding of 4G data networks, mobile traffic is getting important. Moreover, Facebook has a whopping 1.74 billion users that access their mobile app on a daily basis and is still growing!


Improved Brand Awareness

As Facebook users check their newsfeed multiple times in a day, this gives you preferred audience repeated exposure to your ads. However, if they aren’t clicking through at the beginning, your ad’s continued visibility will help you build trust, and also create opportunities for retargeting in the future.

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We push your website to the top with Substantial ROI

Clickmatix is one of the best company that offers PPC services in Australia that pinpoints its target audience! Because getting the right audience is very important. We first get the basic idea of your target audience and then start building audiences in Facebook Ads Manager.

Moreover, after creating goals and target audience in mind we begin to draft content to post it on your Facebook’s business page that also includes an image, video, or gif.

We provide wider exposure by giving access to new markets

First, we start by getting familiar with Facebook demographics and then use the Facebook Audience Insights to know who uses the platform and how it maps back your target customer. After that, we set the goals that differ for every business but focuses on actions that have a real impact.

Further, after determining your goals, we create a plan on how to achieve them. Accordingly, we create your Facebook’s Business page and start posting contents, images, videos, gifs and much more on that page. After that, we boost up your Facebook likes and followers.

Get your Business Online with Facebook Marketing

As Facebook is used by millions of people every day, it is a great platform to showcase your business to all sort of audiences. Clickmatix can make your  Facebook ads that are target based on their location, demographic, and profile information.

Moreover, we, as a company would help you create a dynamic ad for your business and get a large audience by boosting up likes and followers to your Facebook’s business page.

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