The Challenge

Detecting the issues of internal optimisation and Structuring the Webpage with The Organic Keywords
  • Required high ranking keywords such as retaining walls, panel and post retaining walls in Perth
  • An unorganised webpage content
  • Lack of organic keywords
  • Unoptimised meta tags
  • Improve and increase the number of Backlinks and referring domains

The Solution

  • Optimised and Implemented Meta Tags
  • Proper On-page Optimisation (Organic keywords and Organised Webpage Content)
  • Accurately listed the business with location-based GMB (Google My Business) optimisation.
  • Executed of Premium Quality Link Building
  • Imposed Content Marketing

Result Produce

We managed to outperform the completion of our actual task. The organic traffic was driven to all the remote locations of the business's sites using GMB. In Oct'19, 2-3 keywords were ranking in the top 10, and overall 24 keywords were ranking. Whereas in Dec'20: The site was ranking for 130+ keywords out of which 50+ keywords are in the top 10. On Google Maps, 180+ keywords.

Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Goal Conversion Rate
Increase in Organic Goals

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