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174.88% Increase in Organic Traffic of Shanklin Cafe

Know The Client

Shanklin cafe has been one of the best additions to the coffee culture of Australia. With coffee blends from Kenya, Panama, Guatemala and several other countries, authenticity is a soft spot that sets them apart from the rest on the block. However, even with their modern cuisine and undisputed coffee, they were unable to gain the attention of their ideal audience. In order to act as the catalyst for their growth, we worked out a strategy that would pave their way to success.

The Challenges We Faced

  • With cafes as the main hub of social interaction all over Australia, it can get hard to be discovered in such a comprehensive market. Shanklin’s authenticity wasn’t getting the recognition it deserved.
  • Before we began our work, Shanklin was functioning as a one-page website. We helped work out the divisions of the content into fresh and whole web pages in order to drive more traffic towards their online presence.

Our Game Plan

  • For every business, the first step is understanding the gameplay of the competitors. Through backlinks and keywords, it’s important to understand why one is more successful than the other.
  • Link building is as important as backlinks. While the one-way hyperlinks work their magic to increase search engine visibility, local listing builds your online profile with the help of a business’ name, address and phone number. Submissions for these lists can help get your business registered and form an ‘official’ name on the internet.
  • In order to increase the credibility of the cafe, it was important to build content that clarifies any doubts that customers might have towards the business. It’s a general tendency to critique a business before one chooses to approach it, and in order to build up credibility, content is important. With content added to web pages and blogs, customers received resources to rely on.

The Final Assessment

With the help of our personalised strategy, we were able to achieve the beneficial results we originally wanted. With a 100% growth in organic traffic, we were able to attract a clientele that received the exact service it signed up for. Authentic, yet modern. We received a total of 37 organic leads and a total of 55 organic events via the website, as well as Google My Business. Organic growth, being more impactful for obvious reasons, was the ultimate outcome of our flawless strategy. Out of a total of 20 keywords that we worked with, 11 ranked on the 1st page of Google SERPs while 3 ranked on the 2nd. Moreover, 5 keywords were able to backtrack onto Google Maps as well!

Client - Our Focal Point

  • Building visibility
  • Content marketing
  • Niche segregation

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