How we gained more than
222% of organic traffic for Medicross

Know The Client

Medicross is a core business to provide quality General Practice Management services to the network of independent medical centres. Comprehensive primary healthcare and related services are offered in their network of medical centres with the focus on quality medicine and excellent client services.

The Challenges We Faced

The optimisation of the on-page on the website was a crucial aspect along with poor user experience, broken (internal and external links). The content on the website didn’t help the client in churning the market value, as there were no relevant keywords present on the web page. This leads to a lower conversion ratio.

Our Game Plan

  • After assessing their present module, the strategy was to develop marketing content and outreach it via guest posts on the third-party platform.
  • Auditing the backlink, content, and keyword, along with link building into a local directory and niche directories.
  • The procedure housed fixing the broken links and optimising the on-page issues.

The Final Assessment

With our strategy, their organic traffic increased to 38.99%, achieving the organic goals to 286.50% (23,418) and attaining the organic event of 21.40$ (3,183). With this strategy, out of 16 keywords, 14 keywords reached the ranking on the 1st of Google SERPs, whereas the remaining 2, ranked on the 2nd page of the Google SERP.

Client - Our Focal Point

  • Keyword ranking
  • Result oriented campaigns
  • Conversion-led content marketing

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