How a 100% gain in traffic lead to the
profitable growth of LBD Homes

Know The Client

‘LBD Homes’ or ‘Lifestyle by Design’ is a boutique design and building company that strives to provide gracefully designed dual occupancy homes, extensions, and major renovations. With an eye dedicated to the perfectionism of every single detail, superior results are part of their winning formula in terms of service and delivery

The Challenges We Faced

LBD with their range of services, even with their elite services, LBD Homes fell victim to a niche clientele which was getting difficult to approach. Although LBD homes essentially work for designing and building, they offer a set of advantages that are unlikely to be seen elsewhere. However, these perks were buried and undiscovered, leaving the customer unaware of what they were missing out on.

Our Game Plan

  • We analysed and identified the respective competitors and worked on the breakdown of their successful strategies. It was important to understand what makes LBD homes different from the rest.
  • With a comprehensive understanding of the importance of approaching all bloggers, content marketing became our stepping stone to success. This step was followed through with the help of definitive keyword-optimization in order to get under the same radar as all competitors through Google SERPs.
  • A successful call to action applied to the company’s mobile number and email ID in order to allow the customers to find and approach LBD Homes effortlessly. Following through with the help of google maps marketing and integration made sure that the search exposure of LBD homes increased their value on the local listing of businesses, making the business credible and trustworthy.

The Final Assessment

With a 100% increase in organic traffic only being the headline of our achievements, we managed to score a total of 16 organic leads. With Google My Business falling under the category of link building, we worked to attain the best one-way hyperlinks for the business through local listings, citation listing and directory listings. With the help of a well-designed profile’s creation, LBD Homes’ Google My Business profile was created to attract the attention of the appropriate audience to assure they get the customers they need, not just the customers they want.

Client - Our Focal Point

  • Setup of the HTML schema code
  • JSON LD implementation categorises all content with regards to search engines
  • Content Optimisation and website auditing

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